Definition of steal

An steal is a flight of blind. Generally, players in position cutoff and button are considered to be steals. So, blind, if a player in cutoff open raise or a player in button open raise , we will say that it is an steal and not a classic open raise. Obviously, these players, thanks to their favorable position, can open wider, even without having a very good hand. For this reason, they will often take advantage of it and that's why we'll call it an steal.

Other details about the steal

When we talk about steal, we will only talk about a game that will be blind. Stealing pot to flop, at the turn or on the river, will have other names. If a player in position cutoff or if a player in the button position opens blind to make an steal and a player in position small blind or 14 decides not to be robbed and reraiser, we will say here that it is a 10! The only player who can make a 10 in position is the button. Players in position small blind and 14 will be out of position.


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