Definition of steaming

When we say that a player is steaming, we should have the image of a player with smoke coming out of his ears. A player will be steaming, often after a badbeat. After a badbeat, the player may be overly emotional and angry and in full tilt. Generally, pro players have better control of their emotions. Steaming can be very costly and therefore should be avoided whenever possible. One night of steaming could cost you a month's worth of profits.

How do you recognize a steaming player?

The tilted or steaming player will be the player who raises all hands. Generally, steaming will cause a player to be far too aggressive. He will raise with any hand, bet on all flops, overbets, bluffs repeatedly, etc. If you ever see a player steaming at your tables, first of all, don't try to bluff him, it's probably a very bad idea and always assume that he will be very aggressive. Wait for your hand and take his stack.