Stop loss

Definition of stop loss

A stop loss is a loss limit that a player sets for himself or herself. He can set this limit in games of cash games, in tournaments and in sit’n’gos. Variance is part of the game. It is normal to win and lose buy-ins, but beyond a certain limit in a certain amount of time, say 10 full baskets of cash gamess in a few hours, it may be time to take a break, at least for the evening. There is software online to help us. After X losses, either in cash games or in tournaments, the software will close and block all our tables for us.

Variance, tilt or fatigue?

A stop loss can be a good thing if you know each other well. Few players will be able to keep playing their A game after losing a lot of buy-ins. If you are one of the few players who can continue to play your A game after losing so much and still be objective enough to determine that your losses were due to variance, you may not need such a limit, but for the majority of players, the stop loss can be a practice that avoids a disaster at the bankroll.


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