Definition of the term Straightforward

When we talk about a player who gambles Straightforward, it often has a pejorative connotation. It is also synonymous with a ABC gambler. A Straightforward gambler is a gambler who gambles predictably and without too much refinement. He has learned the rules of the game, the basics, but nothing more. He may be a winning player with small limits, but nothing more. The reason this expression has a pejorative connotation is because this player will be easy to read. Straightforward-players are players who rarely bluff.

Should we say yes or no to Straightforward gambling?

If you are a beginner and play small limits, it is probably advisable to play Straightforward -style. After all, even the best players in the world know their basic poker, ABC or Straightforward. However, as you move up the ladder, it will be suggested that you get off the beaten path a bit and get creative. A Straightforward player will be predictable and you don't want to be that player. The Straightforward-player also focuses a little too much on his own cards and not enough on his opponent's cards. If you feel that your opponent is weak, this may be a good time to call your bluff.


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