Definition of straightforward

In French, the expression could be translated as "de manière simple". A straightforward poker player is an ABC poker player, a player who plays simple, basic poker. He will usually have studied the basics of poker and will follow them. A straightforward poker style is usually a winner at the small limits. A straightforward player will rarely bluff, when he raises he will have a good hand, when he bets he will be strong, when he has nothing he will fold.

Is a straightforward poker style good or bad?

If you are a beginner player, a straightforward style is probably a good style to have. You don't want to get lost in the frills in the beginning. You want to play solid, profitable poker. However, as you move up in limit, you will find it harder and harder to win. The reason? The straighforward style is a predictable style. When you play against very good players, they can read you too easily. You'll get bluffed too often and miss great bluffing opportunities. In summary, the straightforward style is good at the lower limits, but as you progress, be more creative and less predictable.