Definition of structure

What we mean by structure is the way a tournament is built. When one enters a tournament, one wonders what his structure will be, in other words, how the blinds will evolve. Some structures are hyper turbos. In a structure hyper turbos, the starting mats are small (500) and the structure of the blinds evolves very quickly. The blinds often start at 25/50 and increase every 3 minutes. Other structures are much slower with much larger treadmills. These structures are often referred to as "deepstacks".

What is the impact of the structure on the tournament?

Every structure has its advantages and disadvantages. The faster the structure, the more variance you will have in that structure. On the other hand, you will be able to play it more frequently and invest less time. It is true that an deepstack tournament will allow us to have better results in the long term, but on the other hand, an deepstack tournament can be played over 2 days with structure hours of play per day. If you just want to play a tournament on a small evening for fun, you will probably choose a faster structure.


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