Definition of shoot a limit

If you're a regular at the 1??/2??? tables in cash games, we'd say you're an NL200 reg. This will be your home, you will be in familiar territory. But if, for some reason, you decide to temporarily raise your limit, we'll call you a limit shooter. Shooting a limit is feeling the ground, taking a "shot", taking your chances at the upper limit.

Good and bad reasons to shoot a limit

Among the good reasons to shoot a limit is bumhunting. Bumhunting is chasing a bad player. If you see 4 terrible players joining a NL400 table and you're a regular NL200 player, you can shoot that limit. If you're a big winner in the NL200 and you're thinking of moving up to the NL400 soon, you can do it gradually to see how it goes. These are all good reasons to shoot for a limit. The bad reasons to shoot a limit are mainly to go up because you are tilting, downswinging or just to get a bigger thrill.

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