Definition of texture

We will speak of texture to describe the characteristic of a picture. The texture will always be that of an array and not that of our two hidden cards. A flop can have a specific texture and the 5 common cards can have a specific texture. For example, a 2-2-7 flop would be called "dry" since it offers few possibilities. A 7-8-9 flop with two hearts will have a dynamic texture. Sometimes you will hear people say "Here you can bet on the flop normally, but not on this texture" or "With the texture of the board, I think the bluff is good".

The texture of a painting influences your game

We will not play our hand the same way on all textures. For example, if we have 88 in our hand on 8-2-2, we will not play our hand the same way as if we have 88 on 8-9-7 with three hearts. The texture of the board is very important in the equation when thinking about how to play your hand. On some textures, there will be a lot of bluffing. On other types of textures, there will be less bluffing. Your opponents will not react to your bets in the same way on all textures either.