Definition of titler

Titler is the opposite of being Zen. When one is Zen, one is calm, analytical, at peace and in harmony with oneself and one's environment. When we are titled, we are overloaded with negative emotions, we see red, we play badly, we are too aggressive, we bluff too much, we call too much, we lose our rationality, we deviate from our A game. The titled player will often be titled because he has had a badbeat or a big bluff. The reasons for being titled are like the reasons for being angry; they are endless.

How do you recognize Player titled?

If you have a tracker and you have the stats on a player and he has a A game% VPIP for example, you know he's a tight player. If after a badbeat you see him open all hands and pass several bluffs, you know he is titled. A titled player has poor emotional management. He may even insult other players in the chat room. Usually, don't try to bluff a titled player and play good solid ABC poker.


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