Definition of tracker

A tracker is a computer program that accumulates and records the poker hands played by all players at a given table. The tracker works for cash games as well as tournaments or sit 'n' go's. The tracker will have 2 functions: to record in text files all the poker hands played and to display this information live on the poker tables.

How does the tracker work?

In order for the hands to be recorded, the player who owns the tracker must be present at the table in question. The tracker will create a text file of all the hands played by the tracker owner (who we will call Hero for the rest of this article) and his opponents. The hands in text files will detail all the actions of all the players at the table. The accumulation of these text files with all the recorded actions of each player will form a database that the tracker will keep in reserve. The beauty of the tracker is that it also has a Heads-Up Display (commonly known as HUD) that will display in real time the player information recorded in the database. The HUD will display the information collected on each player.

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