Ambush Definition

An ambush is a trap set for the enemy. In a poker game, an ambush is when you pass with the goal of making a check-raise. The check-raise is a very powerful weapon when you are out of position. There are many reasons to roll a check-raise. One of them is if your opponent bets too frequently in position. You can take marginal draws and even average pairs for the check-raisers against him. This will prevent you from getting a bully by a player who abuses his position.

The art of ambush

You have to master the art of ambush to know when to plan it, against whom and with what range. You also need to be prepared to face the aftershock. We said earlier that check-raise can be a good line for a player who overplaces. But when you're check-raise, you always have to have a clear plan on how to act after the check-raise. And he our opponent calls, how do you play on the turn? And if our opponent calls us 3bet to flop (over-raise), do we call or not? Poker wisdom dictates that if you don't know what to do against a raise or an over-raise, you should move to a more passive game (if you don't know what to do if a player raises your check-raise, you should call rather than check-raise).



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