Definition of garbage can

In English, we say that a hand is "trash" (waste) or "rag" (rag). These are hands to lay. A "trash hand" is more precisely a garbage hand. A "garbage hand" is an unplayable hand, whose long-term success will be very low. We will talk about premium hands, like AA or KK, good hands like 88-99, medium hands like 89 assorted, bad hands like J7 and trash hands like 27 mismatched or 92 mismatched. Garbage hands are at the low end of the poker hand scale. A trash hand is a hand without much hope.

Even a matching trash hand is still a trash hand.

Some recreational players like to play just about every matching hand. In their heads, the probability of making a flush is huge with a matching hand. Don't make that mistake; a matching hand is about 5% better than the same non-matching hand. So if your hand has an overall equity of 22%, even adding 5%, you're still far from being profitable. When you have a trash hand next time, matched or unmatched, just put it down and wait for the next one!


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