Definition of tricky

A tricky game is a complex, tricky, difficult or refined game, depending on the context. We can also talk about a tricky player. If you have a difficult decision to make on the river, one might say "This situation is tricky because this call can be as good as a fold, depending on how bad we look; it's not obvious" or "Usually on this river it's a fold, but this player is tricky and can do anything at any time, so I'm not sure what the right play is.

Antonym of tricky

As mentioned above, it is not easy to describe what a tricky situation or a tricky player is. To help you understand, here are some antonyms. An ABC player is the opposite of a tricky player. A tricky player is not predictable like an ABC player. A clear situation, a clear call or a clear fold is the opposite of a tricky situation. A hand that is played on autopilot is the opposite of a tricky game that will require much more thought.