Definition of rising

Raises is an expression you will hear in Pot Limit Omaha (PLO). In Omaha games, you will be dealt 4 cards face down (not 2 like in Hold'em). When you have four cards in a row, you are said to have a raise. Whether it's 2-3-4-5 or 7-8-9-10 or J-Q-K-A, it's a showdown. Rising hands are pretty strong hands. Obviously, the higher your cards, the stronger your hand. The reason for their strength is that this type of hand connects well with many boards and will give you many options to make a sequence.

If you have matching mounts, the value is even greater

If we take a hand that is "almost" a showdown, a hand like QKJ2, this hand will have 50% equity against any 4 cards your opponent might have. If you have a mount by replacing the 2 with the 10 (so T-J-Q-K), you now have 55% equity against any two cards your opponent might have. And if your amount is double matched (KQJT with 2 hearts and 2 spades), your equity now increases to 59% against any 4 cards. Small differences that will have a big impact on your potential profits.