Definition UTG

UTG means "Under The Gun". This is the first position to play preflop at a poker table. Whether on a shorthanded or full ring table, the first player to speak preflop will be named player Under The Gun (UTG). In French, we could say "the player under pressure". Since he speaks without knowing what the other players at the table are going to do, he must be very careful in selecting his hands. If he opens too many hands, he will have to fold too often against a raise and will end up losing a lot of money.

How do I play in position UTG?

When you are UTG, you should be pretty tight in selecting your poker hands. And if you are playing full ring, i.e. tables with 8, 9 or UTG players, you will have to be even tighter since there will be more players to talk to after you. One advantage of being in the UTG position is that you represent a lot of strength. So if you want to bluff, this is a good position to do so since you will always have hands like AA, KK, QQ and AK in your range.


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