Definition of VGG

When you read "VGG" in the chat room of an online poker room, it will be "very good game" (very nice game). This is a polite mark that you write after a long session with one or more players. You can also write "VGG" on a final tournament table when a player has just been eliminated. If he made it to the final table of a tournament, it is already a very good performance that deserves to be highlighted. We will also write "gg" for "good game" (nice game) simply.

Always be diplomatic at the poker tables

Even if you get pulled out of a tournament on a huge badbeat and are tilted not to go any further in the tournament, it's a good idea to say "thank you" or «ty» (thank you) when a player says "VGG" and not an insult out of your hat. When you enter a poker tournament, you are signing the implied and unspoken contract that you might get badbeat. Agreeing to play poker means agreeing to get badbeat on occasion. So take your defeat philosophically. You might say to yourself, for example, that you're happy with yourself because you made the right play.


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