Way ahead / way behind

Definition of way ahead/way behind

In poker, a situation way ahead, way behind (very early or very late) is, for example, a hand in which we would have A2 on A-5-7. Here, with our A2, we have a top pair, but with the worst sidekick. So, if our opponent also has an ace, say AK, we are very late on his hand. On the other hand, if our opponent doesn't have an ace and he has KK or QQ or JJ or another pair, we will be very far ahead of his hand. In such a situation, it is not suggested to bet.

How do I play hands where I am way ahead/way behind?

Usually, when we are in an way ahead/way behind situation, we will want to check. If we take our example above, if we bet with our A2, we will lose our money when we are called by better aces and we will fold our opponent when he doesn't have a top pair. In other words, betting when we assess that we are in an way ahead/way behind situation is never a good reason. Either we lose a bigger pot or we make our opponent fold prematurely.


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