Definition of whine

When we talk about a player who "whines", we mean a player who complains. He complains about not being lucky, always getting his aces cracked, not having aces often enough, always getting knocked out of tournaments before the final table, never having successful bluffs, always having KK when someone has AA, etc. The reasons for complaining in poker are endless. A player is said to be whining. The word "whine" in English could be translated into French as pleurnicher.

Don't be the one who whines

Maybe whining will make you feel better in the short term, but no one likes a whining poker player. Also, remember that bad beats happen to all players. Whining won't do anything. You'll just be in a bad frame of mind. Instead, stay positive and focus on the future hands to play rather than the hands that went wrong. The same is true for badbeats. No one likes to hear about badbeats; keep them to yourself and have a positive, professional attitude.

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