Definition of winner-takes-all

A Type winner-takes-all tournament is a tournament that has a structure with only one paid seat, regardless of the number of entries. Normally in a tournament, about 10% of the players entering a tournament will have a paid seat. But in a willer-takes-all structure, all the money accumulated by the buy-ins will be used to pay the player who finishes first. This is a formula that has a very high variance, as you can imagine.

How do you play a Type winner-takes-all tournament?

In a structure where there will only be one paid seat, players will have to have a very aggressive strategy. Risks that could be described as "useless" in a regular tournament will now be wise risks. Contrary to a regular tournament where at certain times we will have a logic of chip preservation, in a winner-takes-all tournament structure we will always want to have a logic of chip accumulation in mind. At no time will we want to preserve our chips as in a regular tournament. To win a winner-takes-all tournament, you will want to play aggressively, bluff a lot, take risks and do all the flips you can. If you play one soon, we wish you good luck!


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