Definition of wp

If you read "wp" on a poker chat room, it will mean "well played". This is a comment that you may receive after, for example, a good bluff from you or after winning a jackpot with a very strong hand or played in an original way. When your opponent is impressed by the way you played a hand, he may say "well played" or "wp". To which you can answer "ty" for "thank you".

Wp, nh, gg, ty, vgg

At first, you may be a little lost with all the shortcuts and jargon, but as you watch them go by in the chat room, you'll get used to it. Wp means "well played", nh means "nice hand", gg means "good game", ty means "thank you", vgg means "very good game". Generally speaking, even after having suffered a big badbeat in a big tournament, you will want to remain polite and diplomatic. You won't gain anything by insulting your opponents. On the contrary, by exchanging a few polite words with them, you will gain their respect. It is always better to have a professional image at the poker table than an emotional and unstable player.


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