Pineapple Poker Rules

What is ke Pineapple Poker?

Have you ever heard of Pineapple Poker? This is a very popular poker variant (not least because it's a very dynamic style of poker) with some slightly eccentric variations. Pineapple Poker will very rarely be played in casinos or poker rooms. Rather, it is a variation that you will see in private poker games or at friends' homes. Pineapple Poker was first officially introduced in a European Poker Tour tournament, but was removed from the schedule shortly afterwards. This variant has never been played in a World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament before. Some online poker rooms offer Pinneapple poker tables, but only with play money

The Rules of Pineapple Poker

The Pineapple is largely inspired by Texas Hold'em which you probably know very well

To simply summarize the variation, you should know that in Pineapple, you will receive 3 pre-flop cards, not 2 as in Hold'em. After receiving his three cards, each player will analyze them and discard one (he will only keep two). Note that when you throw your card, you do not have to show it to other players

From the moment all players have discarded their discarded cards, the rest of the game will be exactly and in every way identical to a game of Texas Hold'em

The different variants of the Pineapple

The Crazy Pineapple Poker

This is a popular variation of the Pineapple; the Crazy Pineapple. Crazy Pineapple is played in a very similar way to Pineapple, with the difference that the third card that each player throws pre-flop in the original version must be thrown after the flop, just before the turn. As for the other rules, everything will be played exactly like a game of Texas Hold'em

The Lazy Pineapple Poker

This variant is also called the Tahoe Pineapple or, if you prefer, the Zen version of the Pineapple. Why Zen? Because in this variant, you won't have to hurry to discard your third card since you can keep it all the way to the river. You will need to discard your third card just before slaughter. This variant could also be called Three-card Hold'em, since apart from the fact that each player will receive three starting cards, everything is identical to a game of Texas Hold'em

The Open Face Chinese Poker Pineapple

The Open Face Chinese Poker Pineapple is a beloved variation of the highstakes poker players who travel the world to play in the biggest tournaments possible. In their downtime, Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey, to name a few, were known for their numerous Open Face Chinese Poker Pineapple games. This is a variation of Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC). The Pineapple version is faster than the original OFC version. In the original version of the OFC, the maximum number of players is 4 while in the Pineapple variation, the maximum number of players is set at 3 (for logistical reasons in particular)

In a game of Open Face Chinese Poker Pineapple, each player will receive 5 cards that they will categorize into 3 rows; 3 cards in the front, 5 cards in the middle, and 5 cards in the back hand

Then each player will receive 3 cards per turn and must hold only 2. Players must have a total of 13 cards; the starting 5 plus the next 8 cards (2 cards per round for 4 rounds). In total, Pineapple Poker will have 5 rounds. Since in each round following the starting distribution (during which each player receives 5 cards), the players receive 3 cards and not 2 as in the OFC, there can only be 3 players per game in this variant (a deck of cards counts only 52 cards). In each round, each player receives 3 cards and keeps 2

At the end of the distribution, the back hand should be stronger than or equal to the middle hand and the middle hand should be stronger than or equal to the front hand. The strength of the hands is dictated by the classic poker hand chart in Hold'em. Since the "front hand" will have only 3 cards, the best possible combination will be a three of an ace

Some strategic tips for the Pineapple

If you're looking for documentation to improve your game of Pineapple Poker, you'll probably find little. So here are some basic tips before you get into this variant

Since each player will receive 3 pre-flop cards, it is obvious that the winning hands will be stronger than the hands usually seen in Hold'em. The Pineapple could be seen as a hybrid of Hold'em (2 cards in hand) and Omaha (4 cards in hand). So make sure you have a stronger hand than in Hold'em to venture into a big pot

Receiving 3 preflop cards will also cause your opponents to have a preflop pair at a higher frequency and they will also have a set (three of a kind to the flop) at a higher frequency

So, what we have to remember is that you have to be a little more careful and conservative at Pineapple than at Hold'em

The starting hands

Depending on which variant of Pineapple you are participating in, your selection will be different. In a regular Pineapple game, if you receive a hand like A-A-2, it is obvious that you will throw your 2. In a Lazy Pineapple bet, your choice will be different on the river if the board is K-5-2-4. At Lazy Pineapple, the choice of cards to keep will be self-evident

You should also be aware that in a Lazy Pineapple game, the frequency at which a player will have a three of a kind on a board like the one above, will be much higher than in a regular Pineapple game in which people will often have thrown their 2 preflops