The GGPoker poker room is the flagship room of the GGNetwork (launched in Asia in 2014). Even though GGNetwork was launched in 2014, it was only in 2017 that GGPoker joined the network.

In its early days, GGPoker focused primarily on North America and Europe, but in October of that year, GGPoker expanded its operations to the United Kingdom, which now operates under a license from the Kingdom Gambling Commission, the equivalent of the ANJ in France.

Today, GGPoker is the result of a merger of several large players in the online poker world including GGPoker and PPIPOKER (as of May 2018).

GGPoker has everything you would expect from an online poker room; 24/7 action, stable and smooth software, competitive deposit bonuses, cashback, several promotions, impeccable customer service, monthly bonuses, etc. In their own words, GGPoker offers "next generation" poker. GGPoker has also affiliated with several big names in online poker. Here is an image from their website. How many of these poker players do you know? Can you name them all (see later in the article for all the names).

GGPoker also offers game options that you will rarely see, such as the ability to "staker" a player (not to be confused with "stacking" a player, which means taking his entire stack in a poker hand).

The staking platform is simple and allows you to buy the stock of a player of your choice. For example, a friend of yours is playing a $100 tournament. You decide to "stake" him or her for $30. In other words, you buy 30% of his stock and thus, you will be entitled to 30% of his paid seat (while sharing 30% of his risk). In turn, he pays off some of his losses if the tournament doesn't go as planned. You can also sell stock to cover your tournament expenses. This allows you to play tournaments that you find interesting at a lower cost. A great feature that you won't see almost anywhere else.

GGPoker has also been in the news for its Guinness World Records title for holding the largest prizepool ever for an online poker tournament on September 6, 2020, at $27,559,500. In this tournament, 728 players were in the money for a minimum of $11,834 per paid seat. This tournament had a total duration of 150 hours, 9 minutes and 13 seconds. In this $5,000 tournament, it was Bulgarian Stoyan Madanzhiev who finally took first place for $3,904,685. In addition to this huge amount of money Stoyan also won a WSOP bracelet, which is no small feat. Wenling Gao from China finished 2nd for a cash prize of $2,748,605 in this legendary tournament

Go to the homepage

Download and installation

Go to the homepage by clicking here

download ggpoker

After clicking on the link, a window will open for you to save the installation file. Choose a place to save this file and click "save".

The file is now downloaded and ready to run:

download ggpoker

Double click on it to start the installation.

Once the file is launched, you will have the choice of the language in which to install the software.

By default, the software will be installed in English. For this installation, we will choose French. Then press "Install".

choose ggpoker language

The software installs:

ggpoker installation

Once the installation is complete, the software will launch itself:

launch ggpoker

Create your account at GGPoker

After the software download and installation is complete, it is time to create your account to access the gaming platform. You will find the option to create your account at the following location in the red box:

create your ggpoker account

Creating your account at GGPoker is absolutely free.

If you already have an account at GGPoker, you can press "Login" otherwise you will have to create your account by pressing "Sign-up".

After clicking on "Sign-up", the following window will open:

sign up for ggpoker

Enter your country, email address and create a password between 8 and 20 characters. To increase the security of your password, it is suggested that it be unique (a password you have never used elsewhere), include numbers and letters, upper and lower case.

Please note that you must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to play at GGPoker. Once you have entered your information, click on "Sign up".

That's it, you now have an account at GGPoker. Now let's explore the game software.

Exploring the GGPoker software

the software

Spin & Gold

This is where you can play the "spin" games popularized by PokerStars. GGPoker offers more variations than most online poker rooms. As a reminder, a spin tournament is usually a hyper turbo sit'n'go (with 500 starting chips and a very aggressive blind structure) with 3 players in which the prize money is drawn at random. There is usually only one paid seat and you can win anywhere from 2 times to 1000 times your initial buy-in, depending on the amount that is randomly drawn. GGPoker also offers 6-player Spin & Gold, which is unusual (but also a lot of fun). For example, the $1 shorthanded (6-max) Spin & Gold will allow you to win anywhere from $4 to $200,000. There are Spin & Gold's for all wallets as they start at $0.25 and go up to a $200 buy-in.

spin & gold ggpoker

All-In or Fold

Looking for simple yet exciting poker? Then the All-In or Fold tables are for you. These are 4-max tables where you will have only 2 options: all in or fold (or, call or fold, when there is already an all-in player). All-in or fold is available from $0.05/$0.10 up to $100/$200. This is a much less strategic form of poker, but it can be fun on occasion to practice your push or fold ranges.

All-in or Fold ggpoker

Rush & Cash

Rush & Cash tables are similar to Rush Poker launched by Full Tilt Poker in its early days or Zoom Poker launched a little later by PokerStars. As a reminder, when you finish a hand at a Rush & Cash table, you will automatically be sent to another table with a new starting hand. So you'll never wait for your new hand after you fold. On average, it is estimated that one Rush & Cash table will keep you as busy as 4 regular tables. This type of table is ideal for people who want to put in a lot of volume or unlock bonuses, like deposit bonuses for example.

GGPoker adds its own twist to these tables by rewarding the most aggressive players. With each hand, you earn points based on the action you take. A fold will get you 1 point, a call 3 points, a bet or raise 5 points and if you take insurance you add another 5 points.

Run & Cash ggpoker

A maximum of 20 points per hand can be won. At the end of the day, the players with the most points will win cash prizes.

VIP Games

The VIP Games section offers Hold'em, PLO, PLO-5 and Short Deck games with very large buy-ins. To give you an idea, the smallest tables in this section are $25/$50 blind tables. At these tables, the minimum buy-in will be $1000 and the maximum buy-in will be $5000. The highest tables will have blinds at $500/$1,000 with straddles at $2,000. The starting stacks at these tables will range from $100,000 to $200,000.

Vip Games


This is the section for the Hold'em cash game tables. Again, you'll find a table for all levels.

Short Deck

Short Deck is a variation of Classic Hold'em. Rather than playing with 52 cards as in Hold'em, the Short Deck game will use only 36 cards by removing the 2-5 cards from the deck. The other rules are identical to regular Hold'em games.

Flip -> Go

Feel like playing a poker tournament, but don't necessarily have 8 hours to spare? Flip -> Go might be for you. This type of tournament has a fixed time. In the first hand of the tournament you will be dealt 3 hole cards. You will have to discard one of them to keep only 2. Once everyone has made their choice, all players in the tournament will be all in. The winner of each table's hand will be in the money and will have an average stack of about 40 BB.

Flip - go


This is the tournament section. There will be several tournaments starting every hour of the day. Select this tab to browse them. Again, you will find something for every taste and wallet. You'll also find satellite tournaments for the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

GGPoker tournaments

Some of the promotions at GGPoker

The promotions at GGPoker are too numerous to mention in this article. However, here are some of the promotions that might be of interest to you.

Deposit bonus

When you make your first deposit at GGPoker, you will get a 100% bonus up to $600. For example, if you deposit $100, GGPoker will credit your account with $100 in increments of $5. Every time you pay $20 in rake, you will be entitled to $5 until your bonus is completed (also known as unlocked). You will have 90 days to complete your bonus

Fish Buffet

This is a cashback program and this is the schedule:

Cashback GGPoker

In short, the more you play, the more Fish Buffet Points (FPs) you earn and the more FPs you have, the more cash back you get from the commission you pay each month. To earn 60% cash back on everything you pay in commission, you would need to earn 5,000,000 FPs in a 365 day cycle. Casino games or poker tables will allow you to accumulate FP.

Daily freebies

Every day, simply logging into your GGPoker account will entitle you to freebies. These freebies will come in many forms, one of which is entries to Spin & Gold. These freebies can be found under the "Daily Freebie" tab in the promotions section of the software.

Each month will bring new promotions to GGPoker. To keep up to date on these, you can visit the GGPoker website under the "Promotions" tab. To give you an idea, here is an overview of the current promotions:

GGPoker Pro Team

If you play regularly at GGPoker, you may have the chance to meet one of the members of the Pro Team. The team includes the following players:

GGPoker pro players

You can read a short biography of each of them on the GGPoker website.

If you run into them at a poker table, we wish you the best of luck!

Enjoy poker at GGPoker!

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