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This tool is just for information, we cannot be held responsible for your winnings or losses in poker.

Welcome to this heads-up push range tool (2-max). This tool can be useful in tournaments, sit'n'gos or spin'n'gos (when one of the 3 players is eliminated). To win one of these tournaments, you will obviously have to go through this step, the heads-up game and the information you will find in this section will indicate the GTO (Game Theory Optimal) ranges to push according to the situation. Obviously, if you are against a passive player, you may want to simply min-raise rather than push all in and risk your tournament (if your opponent bluffs very little or not at all, for example)

This tool is for information purposes only. It is intended to give you an idea of what ranges to push profitably. All ranges shown in this section will be EV+ to push. You can follow the grids to the letter or a little less formally, depending on your style and the situation, just to give you an idea of the right play to make. You will also be able to adjust the ranges based on the information (game history, notes taken on your villain, HUD stats, his current style, the dynamics of the game, etc.) you have on your villain.

Chances are, the profitable ranges to push in reality are wider than the ones you play or your opponents play! In heads-up play, you have to put a lot of pressure on your opponent, especially with the presence of ante. You want to take advantage of the tendency of players to fold too many hands. You also want to amass the most chips as quickly as possible to give yourself the best chance of winning

Note that the push range tool has two types of displays, one in text format and one in visual, grid format. Both formats will give you the same results and information; they are just different presentations, depending on preference.

As for the position, in 2-max, it won't be complicated since you will always be SB (the only player who can open-push) when the time comes to push or fold. Don't forget to indicate the percentage of the antes. Even though some players may forget about them, the antes have a strong influence on the push ranges. When the antes are in play, no hand is free

Finally, enter your number of blinds, between 1 and 20, and click on "Push or Fold?". At more than 20 big blinds, the ideal is to raise (open min-raise) or fold, not push (which would put your tournament life at risk). When you push, you maximize your folding equity, but you also risk your entire stack. From 21 big blinds, you can have a raise, 3bet, 4bet and push game. You can't raise-fold with 5 big blinds preflop, for example, so you have to push or fold.

An example

You have T7s against an aggressive player at the end of the tournament and you are down to 8 big blinds. What do you do? Considering the number of blinds you have, you are in a push or fold situation, having a stack too small to raise normally. Also, the antes are at 12.5%. What do you do?

First, here is the situation:

2-max push range calculator

Now press "PUSH OR FOLD?" to find out the optimal range to push.

Result of the 2-max push range calculator

You get two tables that will give you the same information, but presented differently. The top table will give you the hands to push profitably in text form.

22+ means "a pair of 2's and better" which therefore includes 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, etc.

A2s+ means "a matching ace and deuce and better", so A2 in hearts, A3 in hearts, A4 in hearts, etc. Whether it's hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades will not change the strength of your hand. Preflop, A2 in hearts has the same equity as A2 in spades for example. There are only two types of hands, matching and mismatching

76o means "a 7 and a 6 mismatched and better". A mismatched hand is any hand that is not matched (heart-clover, spade-clover, club-heart, or diamond-heart to take these examples).

This same information is found on the poker hand grid. All hands in a gray box are fold hands. All hands in a green box are hands that can be profitably pushed. That doesn't mean you have to push all green hands, it just means that pushing those hands will be profitable in the absolute.

In heads-up play, play aggressively, take notes, don't let yourself get blitzed, and you will be successful!