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This tool is just for information, we cannot be held responsible for your winnings or losses in poker.

The 3 max push range tool will be useful in any tournament and sit'n'go, but also in the spin'n'go tournaments that have gained popularity in recent years.

The "Expresso" tournaments at Winamax, "Blast" at 888 Poker or "Spin'n'go" at PokerStars (each poker room gives a different name to these tournaments, but the principle is always the same) are sit'n'go type tournaments. They are a hyper-turbo (and therefore short-lived) format with a starting stack of 500 chips and a very fast and aggressive blind structure (blinds often increase every 3 minutes). The special thing about these tournaments is that the total number of paid seats is drawn randomly. For example, in a €10 tournament where there is a total of €30 in prize money, the payout total could be anywhere from €20 to €10,000. As these are hyper-turbos tournaments, you will always be in a push or fold situation (and therefore, very happy to have this tool at your disposal).

T9s, BTN, 15bb deep, no ante, push or fold?

To understand the usefulness of this tool, let's take a concrete example.

3-max push range calculator

You are on the button with 15 big blinds and there is no ante. You have T9s, can you push profitably or should you fold your hand? To find out the answer, press "PUSH OR FOLD?" to find out.

Result of the 3-max push range calculator

We can profitably push all in with T8s and better, so our T9s is profitable to push. Note that T7s or T9o (unmatched) is not profitable to push all in. All hands in gray in this table will have to be folded and all hands in green can be pushed profitably.

Remember that when a player is eliminated from this tournament, you will need to look at the 2-max push range and not this one. As a general rule, as the number of players in the tournament decreases, your push range will increase.