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The 6-max shorthanded format is an increasingly popular format for sit'n'gos. Many tournaments will also be 6-max although the majority of them are still 9-max format (we have a section for 9-max push ranges).

This tool will be useful in 6-max sit'n'gos, but also in tournaments when there are only 6 players left on the table. In tournaments, you should be aware that as players are eliminated, your ranges will have to get bigger and bigger, especially in the presence of antes. As you will see, most players will not be aggressive enough in tournaments. To win a tournament or finish first in a sit'n'go, you'll have to put a lot of pressure on your opponents when each player's blind count is below 20.

For example, ask yourself what is the optimal range to push all in from the small blind with 8 big blinds and 20% antes. Take a moment to think about it and then see the answer. To find our answer, we will need to enter the following information:

6-max shorthanded push range calculator

And now, here are our results:

Result of the push 6-max shorthanded range calculator

Would you have thought 93s was going to be a profitable hand to push? What about K2o?

The profitability of a hand is calculated over the long run. Obviously, if your opponent calls your push when you have 93s, your equity will be about 30%. You will never see him call a worse hand. But the profitability of the 93s push comes mainly from the fact that your opponent will fold about 85% (depending on the villains, of course) of the time, and every time he folds, you will win the blinds. And when you're called, you'll win the pot about 1 in 3 times (you'll have an equity that varies between 20% and 40%), which isn't so bad. This is the sad reality of tournament poker; we can't always wait for a premium hand like AK to push our all in. So all hands in green will be profitable to push and all hands in gray will be hands to fold since they will lose in the long run.