Holdem Manager 3

Holdem Manager 3 is a computer program that has two main functions. It is a tracker and a H.U.D. (heads-up display). A tracker is the function of the software that records the online poker hands you play to keep track of them. These hands can be cash game, sit'n'gos or tournament hands. All your hands played online will be saved to your computer hard drive so that you can keep them as an archive. Holdem Manager 3 will import them into a database for analysis. So much for the tracker function

When you play at your poker tables, Holdem Manager 3 will display information about the players who are at your table directly on the table. The statistics displayed will be from your Holdem Manager 3 database. For example, if you are in a tournament with say "Player123", all hands recorded in your tracker will be displayed in summary form on the table. The HUD is the small box in which the player's stats are stored. Here is an example:

Tracker Holdem Manager 3

As you can see, there is a small box underneath each of the players. The information displayed may be limited or extensive, depending on your preferences. You have the possibility yourself to determine which statistics will or will not be present on the table

But before we go any further in analyzing the software, let's start at the beginning and see how to download, install and set up Holdem Manager 3. Note that other software similar to Holdem Manager 3 exists on the market (for example Poker Tracker 4 and Xeester), but Holdem Manager 3 is the most recent software released on the market. It represents the improved version of its predecessors, Holdem Manager 1 and 2

How to install and set up Hold'em Manager 3

First of all, to get the latest version of Holdem Manager 3, go to the official website by clicking here

Once there, you will see the following home page:

Download Holdem Manager 3

Click on the "Download" button to download the most updated version of the software. Note that you must have a Windows computer to run Holdem Manager 3. In the words of the developers, there are no plans to date for a Mac version of the software

Once this is done, you will get the following page displayed:

Download Holdem Manager 3

If the download doesn't start automatically, please click on "Download Free Trial" (see red box above)

Once the installation file has been downloaded, it is now time to proceed with the installation. You will see the following window appear:

Installation of Holdem Manager 3

You can click on "Next" to go to the next step

You will now see the window concerning the "License Agreement". Please read the information in detail and then check the small box "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" (see below):

Conditions for Holdem Manager 3

Once this is done, you can click "Next" to go to the next step

Conditions for Holdem Manager 3

The software will be installed by default in C:\Program Files (x86)\Holdem Manager 3\

It is recommended to let it install in this directory. You can then continue the installation by pressing "Next".

Installation path for Holdem Manager 3

The software is now ready to be installed. To start the installation, simply press " Install ".

Launching the installation

The software installation is now in progress. You will see this window:

Installation of Holdem Manager 3 in progress

Once the installation is successfully completed, you will see the following window:

End of installation

Press the "Finish" button to complete the installation. Once this is done, the software will complete the installation by itself:

Installing prerequisites

Once the installation is complete, the software will launch and you will see the welcome window:

Initialization of Holdem Manager 3

Launch and configure Holdem Manager 3

The first time you launch Holdem Manager 3, you will need to configure the software. Here are the steps to follow in detail. After reading the welcome window, you can press "Next" to continue configuring the software

Assistant to Holdem Manager 3

Your Holdem Manager 3 software will need to be linked to a Holdem Manager account. If you already had an account for a previous version of Holdem Manager (version 1 or 2), it will still be good. Otherwise, you will be able to create an account by clicking on the link below in the red box ("Create a free Holdem Manager account for me")

Registration Holdem Manager 3

When you have the information related to your account, you will be able to enter it in the appropriate boxes. When you have done so, press the "Login" button

Account login Holdem Manager 3

You will then have the option to use the software for free for 14 days by selecting the "Start Trial" option or the option to purchase a license by pressing the "Purshase" button. For our example, we will take the option of the trial version. This is a good way to get familiar with the software before purchasing it. You will then have 14 days to familiarize yourself with Holdem Manager 3 and find out if it is the software that best suits your needs

License Holdem Manager 3

Once the option is selected, a confirmation window will appear. You will then be able to start your free trial by pressing "Start using HM3 Now".

Test Holdem Manager 3

Now it's time to configure the software. Click on "Next" to start the configuration

Launching the wizard Holdem Manager 3

You have two types of possible installations: Express or advanced. For most users, Express installation is recommended. Unless you are an advanced user who knows exactly what you want, choose the "Express" option. Then click "Next" to continue

Express installation

The software will then ask you if you want HM3 to detect and import your hand history. Click "Yes" if you have any online poker hands saved on your computer

Hand history

The software will then ask you if you want to send error reports anonymously. The goal is to continually improve the software. When error reports are sent, the Holdem Manager technical team will ensure that the reported problems are corrected. Once you have read the box, you will be able to complete the configuration by clicking on "Finish"

Telemetry data

Configuration of online poker sites

The next step is to configure the different online poker sites you play at. For our example, we will set up only one poker site (PokerStars), but the principle is the same for all sites. First, please select the sites you play on:

Choosing poker sites

We have selected PokerStars for our example and then we click "Next"

By default, hands played on PokerStars will be saved in the following folder:

Importing hand histories

To accept and continue the configuration, press "Next"

Now it's time to configure your seat in Holdem Manager 3. You'll have three options; choose a specific seat (the one you selected on your gaming platform), let the software automatically detect the seat, or "none" to use the seat from the hand history. For your convenience, we'll let Holdem Manager automatically detect the seat. Once we've chosen this option, we'll press the "Finish" button

Automatic seat detection

That's it, the configuration of the software is now complete and you can start using and exploring it

Presentation of the software

When you open Holdem Manager 3, you will see the following welcome screen:

Dashboard Holdem Manager 3

The main functions of Holdem Manager 3

We'll divide the home screen into several sections to discuss them in more detail. As you will see, we will not cover 100% of the functions of the software, but we will quickly explain some of the functions most often used by Holdem Manager 3 users

Different zones of Holdem Manager 3

We have divided the interface into 7 parts, each bounded by a colored rectangle. Here is a rough outline of how these different parts work

White rectangle : This is the part we could name "menu". In this part, you will be able to import a database, export a database, import player notes, export player notes, import a HUD, export a HUD and access the editing tool to build or modify a HUD. It is also in this section that you will get help in case of problems

Yellow Rectangle : Holdem Manager records both your cash game hands and your tournament and sit'n'gos hands. This button allows you to toggle between the two displays. Here we are at "Currency" to indicate that the statistics being displayed are for cash games. Click once on this button to switch to the "Tournaments" option

Purple Rectangle : Here you see the name of the hero in question, i.e. the name of the hero for whom the statistics are shown. If you're playing on multiple poker platforms, this is useful information to see. We have the player's name (SampleHero) as well as the PokerStars room logo to tell us where the hands were played. If I click on this button, I can change the name of the hero for which I want information

Rectangle orange : This is a "Start-Stop" button to start or stop automatic hand grabbing at the poker tables. When you play at your live poker tables, for each hand you play, a text file will be saved on your computer with the hand history. Holdem Manager 3 will need to import it to update your opponent's statistics. By clicking "Start", you allow the software to import these hands in real time

Pink rectangle (salmon) : Here you have the type of display. For example, on the screenshot you see, this is the "Reports" display, which allows us to get a quick overview of our gains or losses. You will have other display options at the bottom of the rectangle to see your performance according to the sessions you play or your position for example. You will also be able to use the "Opponents" tab to analyze the performance of your opponents

Green Rectangle : A graph of your total wins or losses. The X-axis (horizontal) gives us the change in the number of hands played and the Y-axis (vertical) gives us the total money that has been won or lost

Blue Rectangle : The blue rectangle allows us to analyze our results. We can see our results by position, by session and by day. We can also quickly access the marked hands. Marked hands are hands that you have identified after playing them. If you play several tables simultaneously and have a difficult hand that you want to review later, mark it when you are finished and it will be in this category. You can then return to it with peace of mind after your session for future analysis

The main panel of Holdem Manager 3 obviously contains other options, but for the sake of brevity, we've decided to cover the most commonly used options. The other options are also quite intuitive

The replayer

One of the very interesting features of Holdem Manager 3 is that it has a replayer. A replayer is a tool that allows us to review a hand we've already played with the same information from the HUD as when we were playing in real time. For example, let's say we want to review a hand we've played (AA). See which hand it is below:

Replayer Holdem Manager 3

So we're going to double-click with our mouse on that hand to start the replay

So this is the window that will appear:

Replayer window

Under each player, a HUD will appear with each player's stats. You can then review the hand at your own pace using the arrows below. You can also move from one street to another using the Flop, Turn and River shortcut buttons. Just like in a live game, you can click on the black square of a player's HUD to access their additional information. When this is done, you will have a square similar to this

Further information

As we are currently in preflop action, we will have preflop stats. You will be able to access the information of your choice using the tabs above (Preflop, Raised Preflop, Called Preflop, etc). The information is often written as a shortcut, you have to get used to it. Here is a short lexicon by way of introduction

EP : Early position (early position such as UTG)

MP : Middle Position (middle position)

CO : Cutoff

BN : Bouton

SB: Small Blind

RFI: Raise First In (an initial raise, i.e. without limping before the raise)

What is the price of a Holdem Manager 3 license?

The price of a Holdem Manager 3 license varies according to several variables. If you want a license for Hold'em only and you play cash games on tables of NL50 and under and/or tournaments or sit'n'gos at $22 and under, you'll want a "Small Stakes" license at $60USD. If you don't want a limit in the limit coverage, you will want to select the regular license at $100USD. Note that there are also combination licenses available if you also play Omaha. Here is the price list

Price for Holdem Manager 3

In conclusion, Holdem Manager 3 is a very interesting choice if you are looking for a professional tracker/HUD. With PokerTracker 4 and Xeester, it is a reliable and powerful tool that lives up to its reputation. Holdem Manager 3's technical support is also very responsive. If you have a question for them, they will be very quick to answer you. The team is also very present on the various poker forums and social media

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