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Xeester is a powerful tool for all online poker players. Its possibilities are numerous and its price is very reasonable. We will present you here an easy guide to test the software for free for 30 days. We will guide you step by step through the installation process for a hassle-free installation. Remember that using a HUD and a tracker is a huge advantage for any online poker player, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, no matter what your playing limit is

Before we guide you to your first steps with Xeester, let's list a few of the software's positive features.

1- Xeester is 100% French software. It was created by well-known members of the French poker community including Thibaut "popotib" Durand, R&D Manager at Xeester and amateur poker player, Denis "rivaci" Rivas, founder of Xeester and amateur poker player, and Laurent "macqueen" Bachelet, Product Manager at Xeester and professional poker player

2- As it was created by French players, the software is in French, which is always nice when you don't speak Shakespeare's language very well.

3- Xeester works on both French and international platforms since the X2 version. For example, it can be used on

4- Xeester works by annual subscription according to our player profile. We pay annually according to our needs. Moreover, you will be able to use Xeester on all your computers without any problems. As long as the uses are not simultaneous

5- Version X2 offers many improvements over version 1, such as the ability to use the software for our Omaha games. Here is the list of improvements of the software compared to the first version:

  • New ergonomics
  • Complete hand analysis module
  • Omaha Support
  • French/English multilingual version

6- The support is very efficient and responsive. And it's a pleasure to be able to write to them in French! On the official website, you can also use the discussion forums to join the growing Xeester community (almost 60,000 so far). You will be able to discuss basic issues such as the installation of the software as well as more specific strategy questions

7- Xeester can be tested for free for 30 days. The trial version allows us to play all the limits both in tournaments and cash games. A good time to get familiar with the software without paying a penny

Step One: Create an account on Xeester

Go to xeester website

First of all, you must have an account on Xeester. It's completely free and quick to do. To do so, please follow these steps:

First go to the official website by clicking here

On the home page, click on "Create an account":

Register on xeester

Fill in the blank boxes to create your account. By default, the free trial option will be selected:

Choice of xeester package

If you want to get a paid package right away, select the package that best suits your needs according to the following options:

Each license will have its own particularity:


Tournaments and Sit'N'Go: No Buy-In Limit

Cash Game: No blind limit

Duration: 30 days


Tournaments and Sit'N'Go: up to and including €5 buy-ins

Cash Game: up to and including €0.05 blinds

Duration: 1 year


Tournaments and Sit'N'Go: up to and including €20 buy-ins

Cash Game: Up to and including €0.20 blinds

Duration: 1 year


Tournaments and Sit 'N' Go: up to and including €100 buy-ins

Cash Game: Up to and including €1 blinds

Duration: 1 year


Tournaments and Sit'N'Go: No Buy-In Limit

Cash Game: No blind limit

Duration: 1 year

security code xeester

Once the boxes are filled in, don't forget to check the Captchat (the option, "I'm not a robot") and finalize by clicking "Register".

Once your profile has been created, you will need to check your emails to validate your account. You will receive an email

Click on the link in the email to confirm your account.

login to xeester

Once this is done, you will be able to login to the Xeester site with your information.

Download and install Xeester

Downloading Xeester

Once you log in, you can see your subscription type and download Xeester.

As you can see, only the Windows version is available at the moment, but the analysis of a Mac version is in progress by the Xeester team. If you are on a Mac, it is possible to use Xeester with the Bootcamp option. Bootcamp will allow you to create a partition for Windows installation

The download should take a maximum of a few seconds. Then run the downloaded file

installing xeester

This window should appear

Choose xeester's installation folder

Choose installation folder. As is often the case, it is always easier to install the software in the folder selected by default. This makes it easier to install and use the software in the future. But this is just a suggestion, it's up to you

xeester installation in progress

Installation is in progress, please wait.

xeester installation complete

When the installation is complete, press "Next".

Starting xeester

Once the installation is complete, you can launch the application.

allow access xeester

When the application launches, your firewall may ask you to allow access to the software. You can allow access with your head at rest by selecting "Allow access"

connect to the xeester software

You will now be able to log into the software by entering your information.

access to xeester account

Accessing his account for the first time

setting up xeester

First time configuring Xeester

Once you log in, you will see this window

Click on 'Next Step'.

Choose currency

Now it's time to specify your currency (the one you play in most often) and your time zone. Once you have entered it correctly, press "Next Step".

choice of game rooms.

Please now select the venues you play in.

For this tutorial, we will set up the software with PokerStars only, but the same steps are required for all the cardrooms you play in. It's just a matter of repeating the steps. If you ever want more details on how to set up your game room, we suggest that you consult a very well done document produced by the Xeester team and available at

You will find the answers to all your questions at this address.

Retrieving Played Hands

If you look at this screenshot, you will see that the path for registered hands played at PokerStars is shown. You will be able to indicate it manually if you prefer with the +Add option or let the software automatically detect the folder by clicking Detect

Once you have completed this step, press 'Next Step'.


The software now imports the played hands.

your results on xeester.

You may now navigate through the software to study your results.

You will now be able to navigate through the software using the tabs at the top of the window.

These tabs will allow you to view your results in cash games, tournaments and sit 'n' gos, according to the different sessions played. You can also use the filters to analyze specific opponents, etc.

the HUD xeester

Using Xeester

Xeester is a tracker with a Heads-Up Display (HUD) that will allow you to get real-time information about your opponents. It works for both Omaha and Hold'em

It can be used for both cash games, tournaments and sitNgos.

For specific questions on how to use Xeester, we suggest you consult the official manual written by the Xeester team. It can be consulted by clicking on "Manual" on their home page

Xeester includes the most popular options found on other similar software. The software also includes options that are rarely found elsewhere (such as the multilingual option). Here is a non-exhaustive list of the options included with Xeester:

  • A tracker to record all your played hands, both Hold'em and Omaha
  • A detailed HUD that gives us real-time information about our opponents
  • Detailed statistics in five areas of analysis; by starting hands, positions, zones, bets and opponent bets.
  • A HUD Editor: Build the perfect HUD for your needs with the HUD Editor
  • Easy and intuitive navigation: No need to be an advanced player to find your way around, Xeester was created so that poker players of any skill level can find their way around easily.
  • The ability to track your progress over time in both cash games and tournaments. You will be able to filter your results by day, variant, limit, etc.
  • A replayer with HUD. You will be able to write down your hands to review and replay them in Xeester's replayer. When you review your hands again, you can also view information about your opponents by displaying the HUD on the replayer table
  • Ability to share your hands easily on social media. You will be able to save your hands in different formats for easy sharing (.jpg format, 2+2, Club Poker, Academy Poker, Facebook, etc)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions. We hope you'll find the answers you're looking for.

xeester rates

What is the rate for using Xeester?

Here are the different packages available to you depending on your gaming limit.

So you pay your subscription annually according to the limit you play at. This is a very interesting option for a micro-limit player, for example. Let's say you've just started playing online poker and you're playing €5 No-Limit Hold'em (with €0.02/€0.05 blinds). You've deposited €100 in a poker room. This player profile will probably be hesitant to invest €100 in a conventional tracker, not knowing if the investment will be worth the cost to them. That's why the €9.99 per year Micro-Games option is interesting

The investment will be much smaller, with no long-term commitment. After the year has passed, you will then be able to review your needs and adjust. You pay for your needs only

What are the minimum requirements to use Xeester?

Minimum System Requirements: AMD or Intel Core 1.0 GHz / 4GB RAM

Optimal configuration: Intel Core i5 or i7 2.67 GHz minimum / 8 GB RAM or more

Video card: 1024x768 resolution is required

As is the case with all such software (tracker, HUD), an electronic hard disk (SSD) is suggested to improve the browsing speed in Xeester.

payment methods

What methods of payment are accepted to pay for your annual subscription to Xeester?

Here are the accepted methods of payment

Can you tell me which networks Xeester is compatible with?

The list is not complete, but some of the most popular networks compatible with Xeester include: 888 Poker, Grand Virtual Gaming, iPokerNetwork, PartyGaming (PMU poker & Partypoker), Winamax, Revolution Gaming Network, OnGame Network and PokerStars.

My free trial version of Xeester is coming to an end and I would like to take out a paid annual subscription for next year, how can I do that?

On Xeester's homepage, log in and click on "My Account".

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