Definition of buy-in

The buy-in is the amount we pay to get our tee-off chips in a tournament or a sit’n’go. Part of the buy-in will go into the main prize pool to make up the paid spots. In the total of the buy-in, we also include the rake or the commission that the game room takes. A 100+10 tournament of buy-in is a tournament that will be said to be 110 euros of buy-in. 10 euros will go to the game room and 100 euros in the jackpot. This money will be converted into tokens. If you play online poker, most of the time in a tournament, several different buy-ins will give you the same number of starting chips. It is then the amount of paid seats that will be different.

Buy-in in cash games

We can also talk about buy-in in the money games. On a table with blinds at 1 euro and 2 euros, the maximum buy-in (cellar) is often 100 times the big blind, so 200 euros. One can also buy (buy-in) for a minimum of 20 big blinds. We will then say: "I have buy-in for 20 big blinds on this table" or "I have buy-in for 100 big blinds on this table".


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