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This is the 4-max open range tool. 4-max games are more dynamic and aggressive than 6-max games and if you are not used to it, it may be difficult to establish the ranges to open. This tool is here to help you with this difficulty

You will find the 3 positions that can open (SB, BTN and CO). The BB position will not be able to open as it will be last to speak preflop

The tool is versatile and will adapt to your situation, whether you are in a cash game or a tournament. This tool will be useful for you when you have between 20 and 100 big blinds. When you have 19 or less, you can check out our push or fold tool available to you :

The charts are very intuitive with a precise colour code and a small explanatory legend. For more details on the colour code of the chart, you can consult this page :

As much as your position, hand, antes and blind count will influence which hand you open and how you play it. The charts here are GTO (Game Theory Optimal) charts and if you are unsure of your opponents and have no information about them, these charts will be a great help. As you get more information about your opponents, you can adapt them to your liking.

If you're new to poker and not quite comfortable against your opponents, you can fold the opens categorized as "marginal". If you're in a tournament, close to the ultimate goal (finishing first) and a player gets eliminated, be sure to check. our other tool for 3-max situations.

Note that if some of the directions may not seem intuitive to you, it is because the chart offers the most EV+ games, which does not mean that another way to play the hand would not be EV+. It means that another way of playing the hand would not be the most EV+ way. For example, open push AA 100 big blinds deep is a winning play in the long run. But, you will agree, it is not the most winning way to play the hand in the long run.

For example, in some places the chart will tell you to 4-bet/all-in a hand like 55 and the same chart will tell you to call a 3-bet with 99 rather than 4-bet. In this situation, the 4-bet/all-in would also be profitable in the long run (if it is with 55, it is with 99), but the chart will suggest calling the 3-bet with 99 since the option is more profitable in the long run than the 4-bet/all-in option. The majority of the money you make at 4-bet/all-in will come from the time when villain folds his hand and you win the hand without further resistance. Also, to use our example of 55, the hand will have fewer favorable flops than a hand like 99. For comparison, with a hand like 99, you will have a flop 16.5% of the time overpair while with 55, you will have an overpair a mere 1% of the time. The playability of the two hands is not the same

In summary, in poker, you won't just want to make a long-term winning play as often as possible, but you'll want to make the most winning play over the long term.