Copilot poker tutorial

If you are looking for a Heads-Up Display (HUD), Poker Copilot is another of the interesting options available to you in addition to Poker Tracker 4, Hold'em Manager 3 et Xeester.

Poker Copilot is a professional tool that has many similarities with its competitors, but also some differences. Among the similarities, Poker Copilot offers a complete tracker to keep track of your hands played and a HUD that you can use in real time at the tables. The HUD allows you to display information about your opponents accumulated in the tracker

Poker Copilot also offers a variety of statistics that you can display in your HUD such as VPIP, PFR, % 3bet, 4bet, 5bet, steal percentage, etc.

Poker Copilot also offers many analysis tables in pop-up format that can be used at real time tables. In short, Poker Copilot offers all the options worthy of a professional poker tracker such as the ability to display the bankroll chart, hand replay and summary of your sessions

Now, as far as the differences are concerned, Poker Copilot offers options that not all trackers offer. For example, Poker Copilot is compatible with macOS. In addition, it offers a "leaks" (weaknesses) detector to help you identify the weakest parts of your game

Poker Copilot's license is valid for both Hold'em and Omaha, which is not the case with all software. Poker Copilot can be used for sit'n'gos, tournaments as well as cash games, which makes it very versatile

Here's how to install and configure Poker Copilot for Windows

Poker Copilot is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. To start the installation, click here

You will then get the following welcome screen:

Installation poker copilot

Press the Download button to start downloading the application. You will then see the following message:

Download poker copilot

The downloaded file will appear in your downloads folder

Downloaded poker copilot file

Double-click on the file to start the installation

Launch copilot poker installation

Now press "next".

Installation of Poker Copilot

You will be able to install the software wherever you want, but to make things easier for you, it is advisable to install it in the folder chosen by default by the application:

Choice of the copilot poker installation folder

You will then have the option to create or not an icon on the desktop as well as a quick launch icon. Make your choice and click "next".

Creating the icon Poker Copilot

The installation of the software continues

Launching the installation of Poker Copilot

You can then select the program group in which you want the installation wizard to create program shortcuts

Addition of Poker Copilot to the start menu

Once this is done, press "Next"

That's done, you have completed the installation of the software. You can now click "Finish" to run Poker Copilot

Open Poker Copilot

You will now see the Poker Copilot welcome logo.

Poker Copilot home page

You will then be asked to choose whether you want to use the free trial version or purchase the software. For our example, we will use the 30-day trial version

Buy poker copilot

To use the full trial version, enter your email address and click "Accept and continue"

Copilot Poker Trial Version

Poker Copilot is now displayed:

Main panel Poker Copilot

You'll notice that when I first launch Poker Copilot, I get a red mention at the top of the screen that no poker room is connected to my software. To correct this situation (if it is present in your home too), go to the "Preferences" section of the "Tools" menu of the software.

Preferences Poker Copilot

Once in this menu, you will be able to add the folder in which your poker room stores the hands you have played. You will be able to add 1 or more folders (if you play in more than one poker room) using the + button

Hand history

The Poker Copilot interface

The interface is divided into 4 main categories: overview, tournaments, cash games and leak detectors

4 Copilot Poker Topics


The overview section gives you a quick overview of all your played sessions. You will be able to see how much time you spent playing, the number of hands played, the number of tournaments played, your profits or losses and your hourly rate. You will also have a graph that will show you your winnings according to the time of year and the poker variant


Tournament section will give you a detailed picture of your tournament performance. You will find simple statistics such as the number of tournaments played, the number of hands played, the total amount won or lost depending on the tournament variant and your preflop raises for example

In the detailed statistics section you will find the percentage of flop seen, the number of 3bet preflop raises, the number of 3bet preflop raises, the number in percentage of 4bet preflop raises, your 3bet and 4bet fold percentage, your blind stealing percentage, your general aggression, your aggression factor, your check-raise percentage, etc.

You can also filter your tournaments by date, type, recent or not. In addition, you will be able to study specific villains or analyze your performance according to positions at the poker table (BTN vs SB for example)

Cash games

The cash games section gives us similar information to the tournament section, but for cash games. You will also find simple and detailed statistics as for the tournament section with your main information; hands played, big blinds won per 100 hands, money won per 100 hands, total winnings and your rake (commission) paid

Just like in the tournament section, you will be able to search with filters to find specific hands by date, hand type, limit, position

The section comes with an all-in equity and custom graphic. The all-in equity is the theoretical money you should earn when you are all-in in relation to the money you actually won. To make the calculation, the software considers the equity of all-in hands at the moment all players are all-in. The calculation is done by considering the size of the pot, the money invested by the hero and the fairness of his hand according to his cards in hand

Leaks detector

One of the special features of Poker Copilot is that it has a leaks detector to find flaws in its game. This section is divided into five parts; pre-flop assault, positional play, stealing blinds, served pairs and matching connectors

You will then know if you are too passive or too aggressive depending on the situation and if you don't steal enough blinds, the software will tell you so

For example, according to Poker Copilot, pairs 88-99-TT-JJ-QQ-KK and AA must be raised at least 85% of the time. All of these pairs should generate a profit in the long run. Is this your case? Let the software give you the answer. Poker Copilot will also monitor your results with the matching connectors. Results may vary depending on the caliber of players you are playing against and the game variant. Also, make sure you have a good sample of hands before jumping to conclusions. Note that 126 hands is not a representative sample! The ideal is to have a minimum of 10,000 hands to begin to get an idea of your style

See the information that the leaks detector gives you as food for thought and not as orders. This section can be used as a study base for your poker game. If the software notices that you're really not stealing enough blinds or that you're neglecting the position, it might be a good idea to have an objective reflection on your game. This section is an interesting add-on to the software

Who is Poker Copilot for?

Poker Copilot is aimed at both beginners and professional players who are looking for an alternative to the software already on the market. MacOS users will be happy that a version of the software exists for their operating system. Not all trackers offer macOS compatibility. Furthermore, if you also play Omaha, Poker Copilot is the most affordable option for software that covers Hold'em and Omaha. Competitors also offer combined Hold'em and Omaha licenses, but the price is always higher than what you will pay for Poker Copilot

In summary, for the price you pay and what you get (tracker + HUD + leak finder + Windows and MacOS support + Hold'em and Omaha support), you get a fantastic price/performance ratio

How much does Poker Copilot cost?

The full version (with Hold'em and Omaha support) of Poker Copilot for Windows or macOS is available for €89

Considering that you get a professional software that covers Hold'em, Omaha and entitles you to all free future updates, this is a very competitive price. Please note that the price will be adjusted according to the currency you choose. The price indicated in this article is valid at the time of writing, but may have changed by the time you read this

Please note that unlike other trackers (e.g. PokerTracker 4), Poker Copilot does not offer 2 or more types of licenses (for smaller limits for example).

Buy Poker Copilot

Is Poker Copilot compatible with my cardroom?

Without answering the question precisely, we can confirm that Poker Copilot works with most major cardrooms without any problems. We have tested it on several of the major game rooms and the experience has been trouble-free. Given that there are more and more game rooms and that poker is evolving rapidly (the addition by a game room of a new poker variant could, for example, upset the stability of the software), we can say no more

It is important to mention that some game rooms prohibit the use of trackers and HUDs. It is therefore a good idea to check with them before purchasing a tracker. In addition, although some rooms accept trackers, it is possible that Poker Copilot (or any other tracker) may not work well in these rooms. It is therefore important to be well informed before making your choice of tracker and game room. There are advantages and disadvantages to playing in a cardroom where HUDs do not work. It's up to you


A tracker and a Heads-Up display are essential tools today to help you get the most out of your game. Apart from sites where trackers are not allowed and micro-limits, almost every serious gamer you'll come across will have a HUD and a tracker. In less than a week, if you play at all, the cost of purchasing this type of software will be refunded to you through your poker winnings. The HUD will give you essential information when making decisions and this information will make you make better decisions than if you don't have a HUD. In this article we have highlighted what makes Poker Copilot so special. Here is a summary of its strengths and weaknesses compared to its competitors


  • Poker Copilot is available for Windows 7-8-10 and on macOS. Not all trackers support macOS
  • Poker Copilot has a leaks detector to correct your game
  • Poker Copilot's pricing is slightly cheaper than the competition
  • Poker Copilot's full license covers all limits in tournaments and cash games, in both Hold'em and Omaha
  • The software is intuitive and easy to use. It is less intimidating than some of its competitors


  • Poker Copilot contains fewer advanced statistics than some of its competitors
  • The comparative analysis of hero vs. villain is less detailed than in some other software
  • It is not possible to create your own statistics for inclusion in your HUD as with some other software
  • Poker Copilot is not compatible with all networks. It's a good idea before buying a full license of Poker Copilot to test the software with the free 30-day license. You will then be able to see if everything works without a hitch
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