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The 888Poker cardroom is certainly an excellent choice to make your debut in the world of online poker. 888Poker was formerly known as Pacific Poker, founded in 2002. 888Poker is now owned by 888 Hold'em and is based in Gibraltar. Together with PokerStars, PartyPoker, William Hill and Winamax, it is one of the largest and most reputable online poker rooms in the world

There are several advantages to playing on this platform (see below for detailed explanations). These advantages include a deposit bonus for new players (100% up to $400). The site also has great traffic, which means you get action no matter where you are in the world, 24 hours a day. And who says interesting traffic, also says a diversity of the gaming offer (usually small gaming rooms will only offer Texas Hold'em, the most popular variant )

On 888Poker, there are many interesting tournaments every day with guaranteed cash amounts. One of the other advantages is that 888Poker offers an application for tablets and smartphones. So much for a quick overview of the game room. More details will be given in this article. You will learn how to download and install the application, how to create your account and how to navigate through the software

We will also go through the different options of 888Poker in detail, but first, let's start at the beginning and see how to download and install the software.

Installer 888poker

Download and install the 888Poker software

On the home page of the site By clicking here , click on Download Now, the big yellow button

Executer 888poker

Once the file is downloaded, run it. To do this, under Windows, simply double-click on the 888poker_installer.exe file. This file will be found by default in the "Downloads" folder

Conditions 888poker

Accept the conditions and click Install

You can also check or uncheck the options of your choice. By default, under Windows 10, the software will be installed in Roaming under AppData. As with all poker software, for a better gaming experience and to save you trouble later, it is best to leave the default location

Connexion 888poker

The following login window will appear

If you don't have an account, click on REGISTER to create one

Inscription 888poker

Enter your personal information (First Name, Last Name, Country, Email, Date of Birth and Gender) and click next to proceed to the next steps. After the three steps required to create your account, you will need to confirm your email address (you will receive an email from 888 at the end of your registration) and you will now be ready to log into the software for the first time

Inscription 888poker

You are now ready to explore the 888Poker software. Enter your username and password and click LOGIN

The Software

Exploring the 888Poker software

The 888Poker software has several interesting options. Among them, there is the possibility to make the software available in several languages, including French. In fact, this will be the first thing we do after we launch the software. Look at the red arrow below and you will see where you can adjust the language of the software

In the top right corner near the Cashier button you can see your personal information with your account balance. You can also see his player level. Your player level allows you to accumulate points and exchange these points for gifts. This is their reward program or "rakeback" if you prefer. Basically, the more you play, the more commission you pay, the more points you make, the higher your player level, the more gifts you will get

We will now go through the different tabs of the software, namely Beginners, Tables, My Favorites, SNAP and BLAST

888poker Game Types


A good place to start. You have a varied gaming offer with small limits. Without breaking your head too much, you can quickly sign up for a tournament or take a seat at a SNAP cash game table (we'll come back to that later) or a Blast type tournament (see description below). With one click of the mouse, you'll be in the action

888poker game types

Quick seat

Another way to join the tables quickly. This is probably the most useful tab for finding the cash game table of your choice. You select your type of game (No Limit, No Limit (CAP) or Fixed Limit), the number of players (six or nine) and the limit you want to play at. You will see the extent of the game limits. You will be able to play at tables with blinds as low as 1 penny and 2 pennies and tables as high as $10 and $20 blinds

There's something for every level and bankroll. You can also find sit'n'gos easily in this tab. At the bottom, you will find upcoming tournaments. Again, you will notice that there is something for every wallet. Speaking of tournaments, you should know that it is possible to make deals on the final table of a tournament. Once all the remaining players have clicked that they would like to make a tournament deal, a cash suggestion will be made to them based on their chip count. If all players accept the deal, the tournament will then be over and each player will be credited the amount owed to them

You will also be able to discuss the deal with the other players using the chat room

Quick Seat 888poker


A more complete way of looking at the cash game offer. We can also see that other variants are now accessible via this tab (Omaha and Stud in particular). This is the classic and detailed presentation

888poker tables


In the left-hand column, in the "Type" tab, you see symbols that tell you what type of table it is. Here is a quick explanation of the types of tables you will find


Fast fold poker format. When you join a group of players, every time you fold your hand, you will automatically be placed at a table with new players who have just folded their hand. This type of table will give you much more action than regular tables


A table with only 6 seats.


You'll have to play faster since you'll have less time in the bank to make each decision.


The winning cards will be revealed to all players after each hand.


Bets collected in poker games, won according to hands.


At these tables, you'll have 5 blinds and in turn you'll have only 2 options; all in or fold. Lots of action without breaking your head too much


Tables with only 2 seats.


Players are limited in their bets for each hand.

My Favorites 888poker

A tab where you can save your favourite games for later.

Snap 888poker


This is where you can find the snap tournaments and snap cash games. As mentioned earlier, the snap format is a fast fold type of poker. When you join a group of players, every time you fold your hand, you will automatically be placed at a table with new players who have just folded their hand

There are snap tournaments, snap Hold'em games and snap Omaha games. There are small limit tables (1 penny/ 2 pennies) as well as high limit tables ($5/ $10 blinds)

Blast 888poker

A Blast tournament is a super turbo sit & go where 3 players compete to win a randomly selected prize pool of up to 10,000 times the buy-in. You will note that in this type of sit & go, there is often only one paid seat

What are the benefits of playing at 888Poker?

There are many good reasons to play at 888Poker and many advantages. So we would like to take some time to detail these advantages

Deposit Bonus

On 888Poker, when you make your first deposit, using the code WELCOME100, you will receive a 100% deposit bonus of up to $400. In other words, if you deposit a minimum of $10 up to $400, 888Poker will double your deposit. The bonus will be released in increments as you play. There are also many promotions throughout the year. We won't mention them here because these promotions change regularly, but be sure to visit the "Special Offers" tab to keep up to date with these promotions

Quality software

When you play online poker, you want to have quality software, stable software that won't crash in the middle of a tournament, and easy to use software with lots of options. 888Poker's software is one of them. It is stable, intuitive and offers a very wide variety of game play. Since it also offers casino games that attract a lot of recreational players, the level of the players is reputed to be low, which of course increases your chances of having great winning sessions at the tables. The software is also available in several languages, including French

Ability to play on tablet and smarphone

It is possible to play on your desktop computer, but also on a tablet or smartphone for more flexibility

You can find the free application in the AppStore or in the GooglePlay Store (Android)

An interesting option for example if you want to complete a tournament and have to leave the house immediately. This way you can take over on your phone when you leave your home office. We have tested the applications for IOS and Android and they are very fluid. The playing experience is just as good from one platform to the other

Secure platform. Easy deposits and withdrawals

888Poker is not new and the platform is very reputable and secure. You will be able to deposit funds in multiple ways and withdraw funds very easily and quickly at no cost. You will never have to worry about the security of your funds. 10 million players have already registered with 888Poker

Varied gaming offer

We've said it many times, one of the strengths of 888Poker is its variety of games. You will be able to play 24/7 cash games, low and high limits, tournaments, Snap poker, Blast tournaments, Hold'em, Stud, Omaha. You will also find satellite tournaments for major casino tournaments, for example satellite tournaments for the World Series of Poker. To take your mind off things between 2 poker tournaments, you can even play a game of Blackjack if you feel like it

Ability to play in Demo mode

Want to try the cardroom, but are not ready to make a deposit? No problem; you can use the software in demo mode and play for virtual money. Then you can familiarize yourself with the software without risking a penny


This is an option you will not often see in an online gaming room. The PokerCam option allows players to see their opponents at the tables. Simply activate your webcam and join a PokerCam table at the 888poker lobby (video). You will see each of your opponents live via webcam and they will be able to see you! This option adds to the fun of playing online

888Poker, a versatile software package

By versatile, we mean that it can be installed on multiple devices: laptop, desktop, on Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Samsung phone or any other smartphone running Android

HUD Compatibility

888Poker's software will allow you to use a Heads-Up Display (HUD) such as PokerTracker 4 or Xeester. These software programs allow you to record all your played hands and display your opponents' statistics on the table in real time. They are very useful software to help you make your decisions at the poker table. Some poker rooms don't accept them, but 888Poker does

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