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Casinos and Gaming Circles

Want to walk through the door of a real casino? To sit down at a real money table and feel the thrill of chips and the dizziness of a real pot? If so, go to the official facilities for playing our favorite game: Circles and Casinos.

Both offer poker games, with the simple difference that casinos are generally smaller and casinos also offer games of pure chance, such as roulette, craps or slot machines, which you won't find in gambling circles.

The rules and regulations for entry into these establishments differ by structure and country. In addition to legal restrictions on the age or profile of players accepted, entry may be subject to a fee or annual membership, but in most casinos, you will simply push open the front door to enter the world of gambling.

Poker Room, Cash game and tournaments

Generally, a "poker room" is the space reserved for poker. After going through the registration desk to register for the cash games or tournaments you want to play, you will be called to one of the tables, with a designated seat. The casino takes a commission on the tournament entry fee, usually equal to 10% of the buy-in, or less for more expensive tournaments. For cash games, a set percentage is taken from each pot played by the players, with different details depending on the country and the establishment.

For tournaments, the richness and variety of the program depends on each casino. Some special events, such as poker festivals, can boost the game offer, with higher guarantees, player numbers and buy-ins, in addition to the regular tournaments, which are usually offered throughout the week. Some establishments offer tournaments for only a few dozen dollars, while others cater to a more affluent clientele, with buy-ins that can reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A staff at the disposal of the players

In both casinos and gaming circles, a full staff is on hand to ensure a professional, seamless and secure gaming experience for customers.

The dealers ensure that the cards are dealt and that the moves run smoothly, the floors supervise the tables and intervene in case of disputes, while the tournament director oversees the poker events that are organized by the establishment.

Poker all over the world

Casinos are the most widespread gambling structures on the planet. Some of them look like real gambling paradises, with rooms covering thousands of square meters, while others offer more intimate spaces, with only a few tables. Some countries are more open to gambling and have hundreds or even thousands of casinos, while in other territories, casinos are rare or non-existent. Push Or Fold has listed the establishments around the world, so that you can find out about the gambling offer in your vicinity, no matter where you are on the globe.

Germany 931 casinos See
Argentina 346 casinos See
Bahamas 58 casinos See
Belgium 218 casinos See
Bulgaria 292 casinos See
Canada 176 casinos See
Chile 15 casinos See
China, South Korea 10 casinos See
Denmark 57 casinos See
Spain 717 casinos See
Estonia 38 casinos See
United States of America 2006 casinos See
Finland 90 casinos See
France 226 casinos See
Greece 40 casinos See
Hungary 23 casinos See
Ireland 246 casinos See
Italy 464 casinos See
Kenya 14 casinos See
Lithuania 72 casinos See
Maltese 16 casinos See
Morocco 7 casinos See
Mexico 726 casinos See
Netherlands 307 casinos See
Philippines 353 casinos See
Poland 56 casinos See
Portugal 19 casinos See
Czech Republic 403 casinos See
Romania 356 casinos See
United Kingdom 728 casinos See
Sierra Leone 23 casinos See
Slovakia 118 casinos See
Sweden 24 casinos See
Switzerland 79 casinos See
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