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This tool is just for information, we cannot be held responsible for your winnings or losses in poker.

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The 3-max push or fold tool can be used in tournaments, on the final table, when there are only 3 players left, in sit'n'gos or in the "spin" sit'n'gos that are becoming increasingly popular in most online poker rooms. These sit'n'gos will be played in hyper turbo mode, that is to say with small starting stacks (often 500 chips) and with a very aggressive blind structure (blinds that often start at 25/50 and will increase every 3 minutes). With a structure like this, you will almost always be in push or fold mode. And since it's not always intuitive to know which hands are good to push all in, you'll be glad to have access to this tool.

Spin tournaments

The 3-max format is an increasingly popular format at all online poker rooms. It is often a 3 player sit'n'go with only one paid seat. The special thing about this type of sit'n'go is that the paid seat will be drawn at random (the paid seat will vary from 2x the entry fee to 1000x the entry fee). These types of sit'n'gos have many names (including Spin'N'Go, Blast, Spins or Expresso) depending on the poker room you play at, but are all structured very similarly. If you play at Winamax for example, these sit'n'gos will be called "Expresso" and they will have a hyper-turbo structure as is often the case. The price of the entries varies between 0,25€ and 500€.

A simple tool to use

Let's say you have a hand like 7 and 8 in the heart of the button with 10 big blinds and you want to know if it's profitable to push all in with this hand. It's very simple. Click on the first card (7) and the second card (8). Then, since the hand is in hearts (matching), check the box marked "Same suit? ". Then indicate your position (BTN), whether or not there are antes (very important), your blind count (10) and click on "Push or fold? "and you will have your answer. The fact that you indicate the ante is very important because this information will greatly vary the range to push all in optimally. An ante is a fraction of the current big blind that is taken away from each player in all hands (often 10% of the size of the big blind).

Please note that this tool is for informational purposes only. There are many reasons why you may not follow the recommendations in this tool to the letter. For example, if your table is very passive and tight, you may want to push all in with a wider range than recommended. Conversely, if you are surrounded by manic players, you may want to play a little more conservatively until the storm passes. Poker is always a game of observation and adaptation. Good luck at the tables!