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If you're a French gambling enthusiast or an avid bettor, PMU is certainly not unfamiliar to you. PMU, for Pari Mutuel Urbain, is not just a familiar name to horse betting enthusiasts. Every day, it offers bets on horse racing in France, as well as on foreign races thanks to its international partnerships. But today we're going to talk about its poker division, which is actually quite new.

The company is France's oldest betting institution and has the largest French sports betting community, and that's no coincidence. Since its creation in 2010, when the ARJEL granted PMU a license to offer sports betting and poker on its website, the poker section has established itself as a major player in the online poker world.

Over the past fifteen years or so, the online gambling sector has opened up to competition, and the Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne (ARJEL), now replaced by the Autorité nationale (ANJ) des jeux, has issued licenses to various competing private companies.

One of the special features of the PMU Poker site is that it attracts a lot of playful players who are new to poker, which has the advantage of improving your chances of success if you're a regular player. PMU Poker is able to offer an exciting, secure and regulated online poker experience for French players. It's a friendly, 100% French platform, so you won't find any foreign players on the site.

Interface and features

PMU Poker stands out for its user-friendly interface and simple, effective features, providing an optimized gaming experience for beginners and experienced players alike. Downloading and installing the PMU Poker software involves a number of steps, which we will now describe in detail. By following our comprehensive guide to get the software on your computer in no time, you'll be ready to play in a matter of minutes.

Create an account

Creating an account at PMU Poker is a mandatory step that's easy to do, whether from your cell phone or your computer. You'll need to provide :

  • Your real name (identical to the one on your ID)
  • Your first name
  • A valid physical address in France

The next step is to choose a player nickname. Choosing a poker nickname is of the utmost importance, as it will become your identity on the gaming platform. It's the only information your opponent will have, so choose it carefully!

It's best to choose a unique and memorable nickname that will set you apart from other players, to add spice to your games. However, avoid using personal information such as your full name, date of birth or other sensitive data, as this can compromise your online security. Instead, opt for a creative or amusing pseudonym that reflects your personality or playing style.

Be sure to enter your details accurately to guarantee your legal eligibility, which requires you to be at least 18 years old to play in France.

PMU Poker will also request validation of your account, as this is required by law. This involves sending supporting documents such as photo ID and proof of residence.

You can also provide them in electronic format. These measures are designed to guarantee the integrity of the registration process and to ensure that every player can play legally on the platform.

When you register, you'll be offered a welcome bonus, which is a great way to get started and test your skills at the online poker table. To qualify for this bonus, you'll need to make a deposit using one of several payment methods, such as credit card, bank transfer or PayPal account. Please note that bank transfers will not be credited immediately (usually within two working days).

Account validation

Your registration is unique, and you need to pay close attention to every detail, since the information you provide will be used to pay out your winnings. We often notice that some accounts are not validated for one of the following reasons:

  • Date of birth: you must provide an exact date of birth to confirm your identity on the site.
  • Family name: Every letter counts, including accents, so reproduce exactly what appears on your ID.
  • E-mail or postal address: After registering, you will receive a welcome letter and validate your account using a code provided by PMU Poker. You must therefore be able to receive this letter without hindrance. The deadline for validating your account is 30 days from online registration.
  • Supporting documents: You must take a photo or scan of sufficient quality, otherwise your application will be rejected. Supporting documents must also be fairly recent (except for the identity document, which must simply still be valid).

Multiple accounts or same address

It is imperative to respect PMU Poker's policy, which formally prohibits the holding of two poker accounts. This measure aims to preserve the security and fairness of the games, by avoiding collusion, a situation where two players might cooperate to gain an unfair advantage during the games. PMU Poker has implemented detection systems to identify any suspicious activity, ensuring a fair playing environment for all players.

Playing from the same IP address with two separate accounts can lead to complications, as it could be interpreted as an attempt at collusion or cheating. In the event that two players wish to play from the same IP address, it is strongly recommended that you contact PMU Poker customer service to inform them of this situation and to take the necessary steps to avoid any misunderstanding.

Adherence to these rules is essential, and you will be excluded without the possibility of keeping your funds if you break these rules.

The case of a foreign player

If you live outside France, you won't be able to play at PMU Poker. The game is for French residents only, but you can turn to other platforms depending on your country of residence to quench your thirst for online poker.

Making an initial deposit

To be on the safe side, when you make your first deposit you are asked to set limits. Depending on your answers regarding your maximum bets and your choice of game duration, you'll be able to make your deposit.

Be sure to study your actual usage, particularly in terms of bet amounts, as these cannot be increased immediately and you will have to wait if your account is blocked for safety reasons.

Fund your account You can fund your poker account using the payment method that suits you best. Deposits made by credit card or Paypal are processed instantly, providing immediate access to funds.

On the other hand, if you opt for a bank transfer, please note that the process can take 1 to 2 working days for the funds to be credited to your account.

For players who prefer not to commit to real money immediately, simply click on the dedicated option to play with play money. In this way, you retain the option of making a deposit at a later date, according to your preference.

Play online

You can participate in poker games directly from the PMU Poker online website. This option gives you the flexibility to play, for example, when traveling or at a friend's house. However, playing in public environments may not always be the recommended practice.

On the website, the games are fast-paced and you can also take advantage of PMU poker's other games (online cash games, race betting, etc.) to enjoy a wider variety of entertainment.


To fully enjoy the poker experience at PMU Poker, we recommend that you follow the steps below. This will give you access to a wide range of customization features and a variety of games, including the biggest online tournaments on the French network.

Installing the PMU Poker application is easy. You can download it to a variety of platforms, including iPhone and iPad devices via the Apple App Store, Android tablets and smartphones, as well as desktop computers running Windows, MacOS or Linux.

  1. Software download: To get started, visit the official PMU Poker website and follow the detailed download and installation instructions provided.
  2. Save the file in a folder of your choice, such as your desktop.
  3. Quick install: Once the download is complete, double-click on the file to start the installation process. Follow the instructions carefully, pressing "Next" where necessary.
  4. Finalize installation: Wait until installation is complete. A PMU Poker icon will automatically be created on your desktop. You also have the option of storing your login details for faster connection in the future.

By following these steps, you can easily access PMU Poker's online poker platform, whether on your mobile device or desktop computer, and enjoy all the features and games available.

Poker offer

PMU Poker lets you play all the most popular poker variants. The number of players is naturally higher in No Limit and Pot Limit Omaha, as is often the case on online platforms.

You'll also find a number of tournaments on the site, with very large guaranteed amounts. Cash game opponents can be found at all stake levels, from 50 cents to sometimes over 1,000 euros. Some players prefer fast-paced Sit & Go games offering progressive jackpots. There's always a table to suit your style of play.

Loyalty program

The whole point of a poker site is to get you to play as much as possible, and one way of doing this is to offer you rewards based on the amount you play at the tables. It's a good idea to play at the same site regularly to take advantage of the bigger loyalty bonuses. Pmu poker also sometimes offers goodies at live events for which you can qualify online.

Safety and reliability

Security and data protection are top priorities at PMU Poker, as they are at all ANJ sites. Robust measures are in place to preserve the confidentiality of player information, including passwords and usernames. Personal data and game systems are subject to secure encryption to prevent unauthorized access.

PMU Poker has a player funds management system that ensures a strict separation between player funds and company funds, ensuring the continued availability and protection of player funds.

Mobile Experience

The mobile version of the PMU Poker poker site offers an exceptional gaming experience, characterized by particularly accomplished ergonomics and unquestionable reliability. Whether you opt for a smartphone or a tablet, you'll be able to play while enjoying fluid navigation. The best conditions for online poker!

Players can access a full range of cash games and tournaments directly from their mobile devices, with no compromise on game quality or stability. Make sure you have a stable connection, however, otherwise you risk losing your hand. We generally recommend wifi access and a 4G connection as a fallback solution.

Customer support

The reputation of PMU Poker's customer service is based on its excellence, exceptional responsiveness and high level of availability. Players can benefit from fast, efficient help to clarify their questions and resolve the difficulties they face.

PMU Poker customer service can be reached via several channels, including live chat, telephone and e-mail, to get in touch with the support team. Whether for technical problems, financial transaction concerns, information on promotions, or any other query, PMU Poker remains at your disposal to provide quality assistance, any time of day or night, seven days a week.

PMU Poker Software Overview

The visual design of the PMU Poker site is based mainly on blue and white colors, giving it a modern, energetic look. The layout is simple and intuitive, making it easy for players to navigate.

Games are available on the left-hand side of the screen and are divided into categories:

  • cash game
  • tournaments
  • sit and go classic
  • fast sit and go

Players can customize the appearance of the gaming table, configuring table colors and card types. This offers a more tailored and enjoyable gaming experience for each individual. Different card formats can be viewed, and colors can be modified to better distinguish them.

At the top of the application, you'll find your account balance and links to the deposit and withdrawal process. Deposits are mostly instantaneous, and withdrawals are usually processed within 3 days.

Game Tables and Table Options

The table layout at PMU Poker offers an immersive and user-friendly gaming experience, with convenient features that include:

  • Intuitive betting options: Players can take advantage of automatic betting buttons, such as "1/3 pot" or "X big blind", which greatly simplify the betting process, eliminating the need for complex calculations.
  • Built-in chat: Table communication is easy between players thanks to a built-in chat, allowing players to interact with their opponents, exchange tips or simply socialize during games. This adds an interesting social and playful dimension.
  • Hand value display: A particularly useful feature, especially for beginners, is the hand value display. This feature allows players to instantly visualize the strength of their hand, which is extremely useful for those unfamiliar with card combinations.

PMU poker is for all players, and you can bring all the help you want to your table to accompany you.

Advice and recommendations

When playing at PMU Poker, it is wise to follow these essential tips for a responsible gaming experience:

  • Start small: Set clear budget limits for your gaming sessions. Avoid large stakes from the outset, and take the time to familiarize yourself with the games, opponents and strategies.
  • Put fun first: Remember that poker should be a source of fun and enjoyment. Avoid playing to recoup losses or to win quick money. Always be aware of your budget and take regular breaks to avoid getting too deeply into the game.
  • Respect your deposit limits: Set deposit limits and follow them strictly. If you feel that gambling is starting to become a problem or is having a negative impact on your life, don't hesitate to seek help from organizations specializing in responsible gambling.
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