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Why use Push or Fold 9-Max?

The concept of our push or fold tool is to help you make the right decision when you're in a 9-player table format. It's based on Jennifear's push or fold table. In poker tournaments, from Sit 'n' Gos to the biggest tournaments, you may find yourself in a situation where the only thing to do is fold or go all-in.

The rate at which the blinds increase and the size of your stack determine your decision. It's at these moments that knowing when to push all your chips or fold becomes essential to your survival in the game.

The push or fold tool is unique and has been created to help you think ahead when it comes to committing your entire stack. With statistical analyses based on precise criteria, you'll have a clear and logical decision. The information you need to provide is very simple:

  • Your cards
  • Color matched or not
  • Your position at the table
  • The number of blinds in your stack

Hand Analysis and Strategic Decisions

Let's consider a typical situation: you have a hand like 9 and 10 matching clubs at the cutoff with a stack of 12 big blinds. You're wondering whether you should bet your entire stack with this hand. The tool is here to simplify this.

What to do?

Push or Fold 9-max

Select your cards, specify if they match, indicate your position, the number of blinds, and antes if necessary.

Button Push or Fold 9-max

Click on the push or fold button and you'll get a clear recommendation, taking into account these variables crucial to your decision-making.

Results Push or Fold 9-max

Here, the answer is PUSH.

A way to simplify the game

In some variants, it can be difficult to know which hands to fold and which to fold, especially at key moments in the game when you're risking your entire tournament. With this quick decision-making tool, you can rely on mathematical possibilities rather than instinct.

The opportunity to rework your game

Another interesting way of using this tool could be when reviewing your game history and the most difficult hands in which you had to make this type of decision: fold or go all-in. With the push or fold tool, you can compare your decision in the moment with the rational decision indicated by mathematical logic.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Please note that this tool is a guide, not an absolute rule. It's an opportunity to develop a basic strategy based on the data you've entered. But as you know, poker is a game of nuance and adaptation. With a very aggressive table, you might consider slightly expanding your range of hands to push. On the other hand, faced with a very conservative table, you might choose to play more conservatively. The prices paid if you're in the paid seats are also a factor in your decision-making process.