Definition ARJEL

This is the acronym for the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority. ARJEL was an independent online gaming regulatory authority created in 2010. Its goal was to open up the online gambling sector to competition. It was the law on the liberalization and regulation of online gambling of May 12, 2010 that created ARJEL. ARJEL gave (it no longer exists, see paragraph below) licenses to gambling venues so that they could operate legally in France. You could see a ARJEL logo on the rooms of poker approved by ARJEL.

Modification of ARJEL

On May 22, 2019, ARJEL became the National Gaming Authority by the Law on Business Growth and Transformation. According to the official definition, "The National Gaming Authority shall ensure that the objectives of the gaming policy are met for games and betting under exclusive rights, online games and betting subject to licensing and for games of casinos and gaming clubs". The French player who would play on a room of poker that is not approved by the National Gaming Authority would have no recourse in the event of a dispute with the gaming room.


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