Definition of broke

A player who is broke is a player who has no money left. The English word "broke" means "broken" and refers to being broke, having no money left. It is a word with a very pejorative connotation. When we say that a player is "broke", we often imply that he no longer has the talent to win. "This player is no longer playing poker, he is broke". The expression can also be used to mean that you can't afford it. For example: "I'm used to 200 euro tables, but I'm too broke to play 2000 euro tables".

Go broke and bankroll management

The word "broke" can also be used to refer to a hand of poker's. A player might say, "On the river I had a full hand. My opponent may have had a square, but I had no choice but to go broke with that hand. In other words, the player had no choice but to put all those chips into play on that move. You can also refer to "broke" when you were eliminated from a tournament:

- "Hey, Francis, how's your tournament going?"

- "I had the kings and my opponent had the aces, I'm broke."


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