Chair Fees

Definition of chair fees

The chair fees will vary depending on where you are. In short, it is a commission that you pay (in short, an rake). The chair fees is collected by the dealer. This is a practice for live poker only. Sometimes the chair fee is paid in advance. When a game is subject to a chair fees, the dealer will have to collect each player before dealing the cards. A player may refuse to pay the chair fees if there is no one on the waiting list. He will also be able to play to the button in poker games with blinds.

Chair fees with a waiting list

If there are several players on the waiting list, when the time comes to pay the chair fees, this fee must be paid by all players. If a new player comes to the table and the waiting list is empty, that player does not have to pay the chair fees. To pay his chair fees, cash is often prohibited. Instead, the chair fees will be paid in chips. You will use the chips you have in play for the current game.


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