Definition of clubs

The clubs is the English word for clover. If we say "the five of clubs", it is the five of clubs. It is the weakest of the four colors (clover, diamond, heart, spades) in games that take into account the strength of the colors (something that the five does not do, except sometimes to determine the dealer in a random draw). The clubs is usually black, as is the spade, but it can also be green if you play poker in line with what is often called an "4 colours deck", which is a deck of cards in all 4 colors (black, red, blue, green). Having 4 suits instead of 2 can help the eyes, especially if you play long hours on many tables.

The different symbols of the clover

Each color (by color, we do not mean red and black, but tile, heart, spades and clover) has its own profound symbolism. As for the clover, depending on the culture, it can symbolize several things. Among these are autumn, winter, night, darkness, males, fire, energy, willpower, health, work, luck and happiness.



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