Definition of clover

The club is one of the suits in the regular 52-card deck. In games that give strength to suits, the club is always considered the weakest suit. After the club, we have diamonds, hearts and finally, the strongest suit, spades. Clubs are called "clubs" in English. There are 13 cards in clubs in a regular deck of cards, from the ace of clubs to the king of clubs.

The symbolism of the clover

Clover is a herbaceous plant. Its "leaves" are called leaflets. The classic clover has 3 leaflets. Clover symbolizes rest, foresight, retaliation and revenge. Clover has long been considered a magical plant. The four-leaf clover, due to its rarity, brings luck. It is also said that the four-leaf clover can perceive the presence of demons. Do you believe it?