Cold deck

Definition of cold deck

Being cold deck means that over a fairly long period of time we have not received a hand worth playing. We can be cold deck for 1 hour, 5 hours or even 5 days or more. Being cold deck is more common in live poker due to the lower volume played. If you play a tournament in a live casino, you may play 15-20 hands per hour, depending on your table. A series of 20 bad hands is not uncommon. At this rate, the "cold deck" periods may seem long to you.

Being cold deck is relative!

If you're an online poker player, you'll also have periods where you'll be cold deck, but since the volume is greater, these periods may seem shorter. A multi-table player will be able to play between 500 and 1000 hands per hour, depending on the number of tables. That's the equivalent of 50 hours in the casino! The best remedy if you are cold deck, is patience and volume. You will never be able to run out of good cards! When you are cold deck, you have to be wise, patient and not deviate from your usual style. Some players will play hands they shouldn't have played simply because they are tired of laying hands; don't be one of them.


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