In the dark

Definition of "in the dark

What is meant by "in the dark" is "without information" or "blind". For example, you open a hand to 3 big blinds. A player raises you (3b) to bb bb. You announce that you are calling the bet and tell him "I check on flop in the dark". That is, no matter what the flop (which you haven't seen yet), you go checker. You can also make in the dark bets, that is, without looking at your cards. For example, if you have a player on your right who opens too many hands and you want to punish him in position, you could make 3bet in the dark, i.e. without looking at your cards.

Are there any advantages to playing in the dark?

The advantages of playing in the dark are obviously very limited, if not virtually non-existent. Some pros on TV have started this mode (especially check flop in the dark after a 3bet) and many have followed suit. But from a poker strategy point of view, it is not advisable. You're better off studying the situation carefully and making decisions after analysis, not playing blindly.


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