Definition of nh

NH stands for "Nice Hand". You can often read "nh" in online poker chat rooms. It's a way of expressing to a player that he or she has played well. The "nh" can also be used to comfort a recreational player who has made a questionable play (after which you'll probably read some inappropriate comments from some players). Instead of saying "can't you play fish?", use a polite "nh, well done" instead. When you compliment a player by writing "nh", most of the time their response will be "ty" for "thank you".

Poker Table Etiquette

If you play online poker often, it will be very important for you to have the image of a courteous player. Don't make yourself look too conspicuous, always be diplomatic. This avoids putting the spotlight on you. If you are too flamboyant and people start to notice that you are a big winner, you may drive the competition away. If you're not diplomatic in the chat room, you may be stripped of your chat room privileges, which is a valuable tool when playing online poker.

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