Definition of railbird

The railbird is the friend or supporter who follows you, who encourages you, who supports you morally. The railbirds are especially present in tournaments, when the moment becomes important. If you make a big final table in a tournament, friends of yours can come and support you by writing messages in the chat room. These supporters are railbirds. Live, always in tournaments, the railbirds will come as close as possible to your table to support you by clapping every time you win a hand or make a good move. The railbird is the bird that follows you to support and encourage you.

The railbirds at the WSOP!

If you've ever listened to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) on TV, you know exactly what the railbirds are. Some players have their fans following them and showing up at the slightest opportunity. If you are

a star like Phil Ivey for example, you're sure to have your audience supporting you. For long days of tournament poker, this moral support might be necessary! Big tournaments will sometimes have days of 12 hours, sometimes even longer! To stay focused for that long without making mistakes, the railbirds will help you keep your attention!


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