Definition of rebuy

The rebuy can mean 2 separate actions depending on whether you are in tournament poker or cash games-player poker. The rebuy in tournament poker is the action of buying back a stack when you're dry and have lost all your chips. If the tournament is a "rebuy" type, it may also allow us to add more chips to our stack (for a maximum of 2 full cellars). When we are in games of cash games, the action of "rebuy" means to add money to our stack. It can be a rebuy from 1 to rebuy0 big blinds. Usually, games of cash games limit the number of big blinds to rebuy0.

If the tournament is a rebuy, read the details carefully.

Rebuy" type tournaments are very common. But there are tons of variations of rebuy tournaments. For this reason, we invite you to read the tournament details carefully. Some tournaments allow only 1 rebuy. Some tournaments allow an unlimited number of rebuy during the first hour. Some tournaments allow rebuys for the first 2 hours. Some tournaments allow you to make a rebuy even if you still have chips, others don't; you have to ask for more information.


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