Definition of skin

Skin means "skin" in French. In the world of poker, when we talk about a skin, we are talking about a site belonging to the same network. For example, a poker network (to be called Network) could own Game Room 1, Game Room 2 and Game Room 3 by presenting them with different skins. You may feel as if they are two different game rooms, but they will be connected to the same network. Even though the name of the poker room will not be the same and the promotions will not be the same, you will probably be playing against the same players.

Different skins due to legal issues

If we take the example of Canada, there is poker offered in Quebec and British Columbia. Each province offers poker, but does not own any gaming software. Therefore, they have an agreement with a network (in this case GTECH) that will offer a specific skin for Quebec (named OK Poker ) and another skin for British Columbia with a gaming room named Play Now. The players on the skin OK Poker will play against the British Columbia players since it is the same skin.


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