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Definition of spade

Spades is one of the four suits in the conventional 52-card deck. In poker, spades is a suit worth as much as any other, but in some games spades will be the strongest suit. Games that give strength to the suit will generally consider spades as the strongest suit, then hearts, then diamonds and finally clubs. Some friendly games also use spades to determine who will be the brewer. For example, in the first hand, to determine who is going to be the Brewer, each player is dealt a random card and the player with the highest card in spades is the Brewer.

Do you like the ace of spades?

From what we have said above, we can conclude that the ace of spades is the strongest card in the 52-card deck. Obviously, for this, you have to play a variation that considers the strength of the suits. But the Ace of Spades is not always positive. In fortune-telling, for example, the ace of spades is always a bad omen. It signifies a coming loss of money, an imminent or upcoming breakup, and has a connection to anything that upsets the balance. In short, it's better to have an Ace of Spades at the poker table than at the fortune teller!