Time bank

Definition of time bank

Time bank in English means our "time bank". The next time you play online poker, when you take your seat, you will have a time bank of about 60 seconds. This time bank will be used when you take more than your time bank seconds to make your decision on your turn. Whenever you need it, you will need to click on the "time bank" button to activate it. The same time bank will be available in tournament play. Usually, in tournaments, every hour, you will have a 5 second added to your time bank. If you haven't used it, the seconds will be accumulated.

Use your time bank responsibly

Some players will use their time bank to make their opponent think they have a difficult decision to make when the decision is easy (to under-represent their hand). This can be a wise use of the time bank, but generally speaking, use your time bank when you really need it. You'll be happy to have all the seconds you need the next time you have a difficult decision to make.


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