Definition of trashtalking

In French, trashtalking could be translated as "langage ordurier". At the poker table, when a player insults you, calls you names, bullies you, scorns you, or makes fun of you, they are said to be "trashtalking". Trashtalking is much more common in online poker than in live casinos. People are much more likely to insult other players at the table in the anonymity of online poker than in the casino. If a player is trashtalking you, just ignore it.

Is trashtalking a good strategy?

Poker legends like Phil Hellmuth are known and recognized for their "trashtalk". We remember his famous insult to a player "You can't even spell poker". Is it a good strategy to intimidate your opponents? You may be able to get some players to play badly against you, but in the long run, you're going to be more concerned about how they react. For example, if a player pushes all in preflop right after you insult him, is it because he has a good hand or because he is tilted by your insult? Keep it simple and don't trash-talk.