Definition of board

The board is the board in French. When we talk about the board, we are talking about either the flop, the flop plus the turn or the flop plus the turn plus the river. In other words, the board is the common cards for all players.

The different types of boards

Boards can be categorized into several groups. Here are a few types of boards for you. Note that these definitions are not exhaustive and that there are many other types of boards. These are only the most common ones.

Wet boards: This translates as "wet board" but the use is marginal. Even in French, we speak of a "wet board". It is a board that offers multiple possibilities (flush, straight, full hand, etc). For example 9-9-J-K-Q with 3 hearts.

Dry boards: ? the other way around, these are dry boards, which offer very few possibilities, for example: 8-8-8-A-2 with no color possible.

Paired boards: A paired board is any board that has a pair, such as 2-2-A-K-Q. When you have a flush, you want to know if the board is even or not. If the board is even, it will be possible for our opponent to beat us with a full hand.

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