Definition of bot

Literally the word means "robot" in French. bot is the diminutive of robot. In poker, what we mean by bot is an artificial intelligence software that makes decisions instead of a human being. These softwares can be programmed in many ways; some are winners, some are losers. It should be noted that they are prohibited on all pokers. Each player must make the decisions on his or her own without the help of real-time artificial intelligence.

The scourge of the bots

Several large known sites had waves of bots. The advantage of a bot is that it can play 16 tables simultaneously without ever getting tired, without ever making a mistake, without ever being emotionally affected by the previous results. A bots can also play 24 hours a day without any problems. Even if the profit per 100 hands is low, with such a high volume, these bots can pay off for whoever uses them. The majority of large pokers have systems to counter this scourge. Keep in mind that if a site finds you guilty of using a bot on their gaming room, they will seize the funds from your account and close your account without appeal. This illegal technique is not without risks.


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