Definition of double shootout

A double shootout is mainly a sit'n'go with its own structure. There are many variations on the shootout mode. Shootout mode means that for the first round, only the winners on their respective tables will advance to the next round. Let's take an example to clarify. 100 players enter a sit'n'go. The players are divided into 10 tables of 10 players. At this point, each table will be like a 10 player sit'n'go. We will have to wait for each of the 10 tables to find a winner before continuing. Once there are only 10 players left (the 10 winners), we will bring them together on one table to play against each other.

Structure of paid seats in the shootout

Usually, if you think back to the example above, the 10 finalists will all get a payout. These types of sit'n'goes have a higher variance, but some find this variant more exciting. After winning your starting sit'n'go, you will play for $1000 in prize money if your entry was $10. Usually, if you win a $10 sit'n'go with 10 players, you'll get $50. But here, you're probably guaranteed $70, even if you finish 10th. You could win $500 if you only win your "second" sit'n'go.